Oct 242017

I should have written about this before, but the Kickstarter for Volume 3 of J. Miles Dunn’s Grinidon is entering it’s last week, and there is a fair bit of news to report for those following the saga so far.

For those not familiar with Grinidon, you can look [Here], [Here], and [Here] for previous posts, reviews, and even Interviews with J. Miles and artist Erwin Arroza right here on Moby’s!

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Oct 172017

Forgive me for I have sinned…I went and paid money to see ‘The Mountain Between Us’, and you know it left me thinking a lot about Hollywood, Romance movies, and us.

My thoughts are a bit rambling, so forgive me. Overall, the movie was fine. I really enjoyed seeing Idris Elba, he’s a fine actor. Kate Winslet did OK too. Let’s admit it, we got to these movies to hit a spot, and some miss and some hit. I got to thinking of how Hollywood gets away with regurgitating so much to ‘the masses’, then I realized that the masses are always changing. Continue reading »

Sep 202017

Well, I guess it’s over. It’s been very trying and a bit boring and repetitive, but at last the day has come. What day? What is over?

Well, I got a ticket. Yeah, a traffic ticket. I could go into detail, and I would love to just opine all day long, but it’s a not so interesting story. What is interesting is the toll it has taken upon the very comic book  publishing I was looking to implement.

Personally, I fell like I have let down the creators who were looking to spend their time working for me. All of them, all have been very magnanimous in their understanding. Still, I need to make this up to them.

So, yes, there has been a pause. A stoppage. But we are going to continue. All artist previously hired by me, by Moby, will be able to complete the projects they were hired for and we will continue.

I continue to be thankful to God, and shall continue, with his grace. Let’s make some comics.

Jul 312017

When making your comic it is important to think of the ‘branding’ of the book. If you are making the book simply for your own amusement and want to call it ‘BS I Like’, well, good for you.

But most people making comics realize at some point that if they want others to pick up the book and read it, well it needs to appeal to them at least a little bit.

And this is where the logo and the titles come into play. Sure, you have a great cover, and a great name for the book too. But what if that name just doesn’t look appealing on the cover? What sort of book does your logo say the book will be? Is it a dark logo, for a Batman type adventure? Or perhaps it’s a period comic about some fantasy world, so you’ve used a Gothic font? Continue reading »