Aug 162016


It’s always nice to see someone who has been featured here on Moby’s! move onto a new project, and that is the case with artist David Jaxon. About a year ago I posted a couple of commission pieces by David, including one of Silverwolf’s Edge, a piece that came out really well.

And now we can see more of David’s work in his new Kickstarter! Yay, Moby promoting a Kickstarter, how aboot that? Seriously though, it is nice to see someone taking it to the next level and making their own book, like Super Legion.

The Super Legion book focuses on a team of heroes that are the generic style we all grew up with. The heroes are pinned against an army of mutants which progressively get stronger and are attacking every major city in the world. The heroes will have to call on the help of heroes not of their world. Will it be enough? Will they be able to take down the infinite army and find whose behind it all?”

I like that the concept is simple yet solid, like comfort food for fans of superhero comics. Lately, and I could be wrong, it just seems like things have just gotten out of hand, so many books trying to be so darn unique.

Nothing wrong with originality, but not everything has have frickin’ zombies or be set a bajillion years ago in some sewer…or something. Sometimes you just want a team of heroes to save the world, am I right?

But that’s just my take on it, I like an uncluttered atmosphere in my comics from time to time.

You can check out the Kickstarter [HERE].

You can also visit Team Jaxon’s Facebook page, or his page for more info.

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