Aug 012014

BIRDMAN_FinalOnline_3__2__2_Some are calling this the ‘what if Michael Keaton had continued to play Batman movie’, which is a bit ridiculous frankly. I get it, but pfffft!

Keaton is a seriously underrated actor, able to bring his resume to a gun fight. Kevin Smith once said he would be comfortable casting Ben Affleck in every role of a film (or something like that), and I feel the same way about Michael Keaton. 

The guy played Batman and Beetlejuice, that crazy guy who poops all over the house in Pacific Whatever, and don’t get me started on the long list of comedies he did that were just off the chart funny.

Somewhere along the way he managed to work in a solid romantic comedy called Speechless, a movie you have probably never even heard of.

So, am I looking forward to Birdman? Let me ask you this…

is a frog’s ass watertight?

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