Oct 222013

AjaxMoby has been keeping up with Facebook a lot more lately. I think it is addictive, TBH. But one thing I have learned from checking in so often is that there are a few more of these Original Series Star Trek fan films being proposed or produced. And for whatever reason, it seems like a lot of them are fundraising about this same time. 

Right now there are Indiegogo.com and/or Kickstarter.com campaigns underway for Starship Farragut, Star Trek Continues, and New Voyages/Phase II. And those are just the ‘Big Boys’. There are a few smaller productions vying for your support as well. Continue reading »

May 282013

I was thinking of ideas to help out with Starship Ajax, and one of the ideas I had was to get some art done for a possible poster or flyer to promote the project. What was needed was to have something that was visually striking, something that would catch the eye, but still be in black and white to keep costs down.

I turned to artist Chris Conidis to see if he could help out. His black and white ‘retro’ art was perfect for this. He sent two pieces, and what is below is a composite of elements from those two works.


This version is a composite of Chris’ work and not his original composition. Used with permission. Click on the image for a larger version.

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Feb 092013

insigniaA lot of the facebook updates lately have concentrated on what seems to be the next phase of the pre-production: uniforms! The team at Starship Ajax have been sharing some great photo’s and updates from Joseph Kerezman of costumecostumecostume.com. Joseph is helping out Ajax with the uniform accents during some downtime on Star Trek: Excalibur, another Trek Fan-Based webseries. The USS Ajax Insignia being delivered is just out-of-site. Continue reading »

Feb 032013

AjaxThanks again to Michael L. King for his continued series of Starship Ajax: A Work in Progress videos. Today we have part 7 of the series, and it comes with a great little treat, a rough edit of some test footage.

First the videos, then some notes and links.

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Jan 292013

AjaxJust a bit more on the Oklahoma City Fan-based webseries Starship Ajax, which is currently in development. This webseries will be set between the first and second seasons of the original Star Trek series (TOS Universe) and features a different crew and a new ship, a destroyer, the USS Ajax. Continue reading »