Oct 172017

Forgive me for I have sinned…I went and paid money to see ‘The Mountain Between Us’, and you know it left me thinking a lot about Hollywood, Romance movies, and us.

My thoughts are a bit rambling, so forgive me. Overall, the movie was fine. I really enjoyed seeing Idris Elba, he’s a fine actor. Kate Winslet did OK too. Let’s admit it, we got to these movies to hit a spot, and some miss and some hit. I got to thinking of how Hollywood gets away with regurgitating so much to ‘the masses’, then I realized that the masses are always changing. Continue reading »

Jan 172017

It’s been a while since I’ve just wrote a random post, which is funny because this is supposedly a ‘personal blog’. Funny.

I used to write little posts about stuff I just liked, usually in a “blast from the past you might have missed or not even be aware of because Moby is freakin’ getting old and knows about some cool stuff from ‘back in the day’ and he wants to share it with you” sort of way. So I guess this post is one of those.

It’s like a confession, but not about shit from the ’90s. This is about much more recent stuff that sucked, but Moby still likes all the same.

I’m talking about Vince Vaughn films. The last few he has made, basically solo, and how I really liked them. Continue reading »

Aug 112015

pixlogoForgive me for I have sinned…I went and paid money to see Pixels. And you know, it was not quite as bad as I was expecting.

Now to be fair, I was expecting to see a steaming pile of dog excrement, so the bar was a bit lower than normal. Let’s be honest, the reviews were brutal. But the plot was actually coherant and the movie was professionally made. The CGI worked well enough, the casting was good for the tone they were going for and all that. Disagree? Well, that’s easy enough when the plot is ridiculous. A movie this silly allows for a lot of leeway in casting.

Sure, Kevin James as the President of the US was a stretch, but so what.  I just kept telling myself he was elected by that party that will elect anyone and it just worked. Continue reading »

Mar 292015

gnome (nōm) n.

A pithy saying that expresses a general truth or fundamental principle; an aphorism.

Gnome #2:

People generally don’t like movies with birds in them.

(Gnome #2.5: Pterodactyls count as birds. Perhaps penguins.)

gnomeIt’s true. I don’t claim to understand it entirely, but throw a few birds into the plot of a movie and suddenly it’s Q Score goes through the floor. 

Perhaps the most infamous of them all…Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. A lot of people will tell you that The Birds was a classic and is their favorite movie of all time. They’re lying. Continue reading »

Mar 242015

Forgive me for I have sinned…I went and paid money to see The Gunman. And you know it was not all that bad, but also nothing to write home about.

The movie was well made and had a long spot of suspense, waiting to see what was going to happen. Then that went way. It’s not a bad movie, just not good enough to necessarily bring up at the water cooler the next day either.

It’s just sort of there.

Given what is out at theaters, it’s far from the worst choice available but not worth changing you’re regular schedule to fit in.

Spoilers! Continue reading »