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This page celebrates and archives the parody site that was active on for a couple of months, a site known as the THE GIANT WHIRLPOOL OF SUCK.

You can read the whole story of TGWOS [HERE].

Note that this is presented as parody, and as such is protected speech, and should not be taken seriously. No copyrighted work of Maelstrom Media is used here that I am aware of.

Post 1 – (Welcome)

Welcome to the Giant Whirlpool of Suck!




a very powerful whirlpool; a large, swirling body of water. A free vortex, it has considerable downdraft

Are you being the ball? I don’t think you are. Be the Ball. Shananananananananananananananana

Tags :Dude!, Sweet Logo, This domain is fricken sweet!

Post 2 – (Coming Soon…)

Tags: Tiger on head, More to come!

Post 3 – (Up Next…)


Tags: Boobs in Space, That’s not a space gun!!!

Post 4 – (Guess Who?)


Tags: I know, Metal Trading Cards!, I’m Suddenly Hungry For Something With Hot Sauce…

Post 5 – (We Also Offer Postcards, Buttons, Stickers, and Shit!!)


Tags: Lots to Offer, But Wait, There’s More!

Post 6 – (Metal Trading Cards!)


Tags: Sausage Fest,More to come!

Post 7 – (Sheena Recolored)




Tags: Tiger on head, Aren’t Tigers from Asia, not the Amazon?

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