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Kieth Paquette’s

The most comprehensive site online about Silverwolf and Greater Mercury Comics. Cover scans, Checklists, and even a forum. A must see for SW/GMC fans.

Links to other SW/GMC Sites


Scott Dutton on GMC Eradicators #3 and GMC Eradicators #4

Just because you can get work, doesn’t mean you should work. During the black & white boom in comics in the Eighties that spilled over into the first few years of the Nineties, even if you sucked you could probably find work drawing something for not much money. For me it was The Eradicators, created, written and published by Kris Silver under his Greater Mercury Comics imprint.”

Scott gives us a mature, candid look back at his experiences with GMC. Brutally honest, extremely insightful. A must read.

You can also download complete copies of both books he did in .pdf format as well.


Shane White on Working for GMC

 Anyway this publisher called me up out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to draw his book called, “The Eradicators”…He had been calling earlier expressing his interest in doing an erotic superhero book called, “The Last Wild Bitch.”

In this post from 2005, Shane tells us about how he came to work for Kris Silver, and also opines on being offered the job for TLWB.


Morganza on the Unpublished “The Last Wild Bitch

I met Kris Silver and a Comic Con in Orange County CA. in early 1992…Kris Silver hired me on the spot…the comic was “The Last Wild Bitch”, and it was XXX rated!”

Morganza posts a few pages from this unpublished ‘lost’ book, perhaps the first unpublished Venusian Press book uncovered.


Neill Brengettsey, aka Pay Me the Artist (or paime) at deviantart

1985 I was contacted, but never paid to produce a black and white comicbook. The art holds up surprisingly well.”

Neill was the first artist hired for Stech, and his postings include 3 pages from his unpublished work, including a cover. 

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