Mar 072017

Moby has a ton of game codes left over from various bundles and such. Some good stuff in there too.

First served, first come. Email me at or carrier pigeon. You could try to comments below, but other might steal your code ūüôā

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May 282016

I’d like to follow up yesterday’s post about Trek fan film guidelines by pointing out a little something that seems to be getting lost in the shuffle. About those guidelines…

Since when have they been necessary? ¬†Many productions have asked for some, thinking they might step over a line, and that is understandable. But was there any other problem with the way things were, other than not knowing, for certain, where ‘the line’ was?

Those standing with Axanar are buying into this narrative that Trek fan film guidelines will make things better than they were, and therefore are necessary.

No. Nope. They are not necessary, and they could not possibly make things better because


And, they were perfect without officially sanctioned written guidelines.

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Sep 262015

anvil-robb-lipsWhen I heard Canadian metal band Anvil was about to record their next album, I reached out to Lips Kudrow to ask simply ‘what drives Anvil’ after all these years.

These two have been rocking out for decades, and even had a recent documentary about them, which is a must see.

“I started playing at 10 years old and discovered music. I made the choice to be a musician and that is what I was going to be . It is what I do best in my life and I enjoy it…life ambition..not about short term success..about doing what I love my entire life!!!”

Anvil has returned to doing more radio friendly tracks with their last two albums, and this latest one promises to include fans more than ever. You can help them by checking out their post on Continue reading »