Mar 102015

quill2Recently, Kris Silver returned to the internet with Although the site is basically a beefed up version of his former shop and is still being developed, there’s already quite a few rare, behind-the-scenes artifacts from Silverwolf and Greater Mercury’s short publishing span available for the first time.

For the first time many one of a kind or very rare items are being offered for the public. Things like original comic book scripts, artwork, company newsletters, layout and publishing negatives have been slowly being added to the site. And of course there are copious amounts of back issues from both companies (in near mint condition no less) to fill any holes in your collection. It’s worth noting that there is a flat $3 shipping for all orders, which Moby likes. Continue reading »

Feb 232015

Click for Larger VersionOne of the titles at Silverwolf which Tim Vigil worked on was Nightmaster, a book about an American ninja in California.

The issue has an amazing cover by Vigil, with only 21 B&W interior pages.

The first half of the book deals with Nightmaster hunting down the location of the ‘Red Dragons’ gang and dealing with a street thug who has just killed a shop owner. The second half of the book deals with Nightmaster’s origin and his confronting the ‘Red Dragons’. The opening half of the book is a real treat, but in all honesty the second half of the issue the art is noticeably weaker. Continue reading »

Feb 032015

Silverwolf Comics

This article was deleted by Wikipedia on February 2, 2015. This is a backup of that page, via

Moby plans to host an updated version soon.

Silverwolf Comics was a California-based American comic book publisher founded by Kris Silver in the mid-’80s with titles and characters created entirely by him. Among the titles it published during its run were Dark Assassin,Guillotine, Legion X-1, Port, and Victim.

The company is probably best known for giving the first popular exposure to the work of the artist Tim Vigil in his work on another Silverwolf title, Grips. Grips is one of a handful of titles that survived beyond the first few issues. Another notable distinction of Grips was that its main character’s alter-ego was a comic book illustrator whose own creation, dubbed Fat Ninja, was also put out as a separate title by Silverwolf which in actuality was written by Kris Silver. Fat Ninja was probably Silverwolf’s second most popular title after Grips. Tim Vigil also drew the first two issues of Nightmaster (only the first issue was published by Silverwolf. The second issue was published as a serial within the Greater Mercury Comics anthology GMC Action). Continue reading »