Sep 202014


Star Trek fans should really check out this Kickstarter by author Stephen Fender. Stephen is a published author with a pretty neat hobby; he likes to write Star Trek ‘fan fiction’. And he is working on a series of new Trek novels set during The Four Years War.

What is Star Trek: The Four Years War?

The Four Years War was a protracted conflict between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire, which took place roughly ten years prior to the events depicted in Star Trek: The Original Series.

The entire war was outlined in a supplement for the FASA version of Star Trek: The Role Playing Game. While the supplement goes into some detail concerning battles, tactics, and political motives, it is lacking a great deal.

Being an avid fan of military history, I felt that this was a great project to test my abilities at novel writing. Thus, in 2011, this series was born.

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Aug 172014

The recent reblog about Gary Gygax got me to thinking about my personal history with Dungeons & Dragons. I guess this is where Moby’s inner nerd shines through, and unless your really interested in D&D this is not likely to be very interesting. At all.


Moby learned to play ‘Advanced Dungeons & Dragons’ years and years ago with a bunch of acquaintances who were of course a bit older than I was. Just for fun I pulled out all the old books for a picture, those are my actual books above. Sure they can be replaced; I looked on amazon and you can get about any book you need, in used condition, for under $10 (including shipping), but these are the very books I have had for about 20 years now. They are the D&D version I learned (first edition), so of course they are the version that is best and all others suck. So there.

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