Jan 082017

The second Volume of J. Miles Dunn’s epic Grinidon is now funding on Kickstarter and I was able to ask a few more questions about the series. 

The first volume, now available in print and digital, was successfully funded about a year ago. It’s hard to explain just how satisfying of an experience this Kickstarter has been. The physical book is great, full of all that wonderful art by Erwin Arroza (interviewed here). Seeing the samples and random pages was one thing, but being able to sit and enjoy it all at once was…well, wonderful. 

Of course, all is a relative term. The story is epic and in Volume One we have still only encountered two of the three Kingdoms vying for control of Calloway. There is so much more to be told…

Thanks again to J. Miles Dunn for taking the time for this interview. New readers should also check out Moby’s first interview with J. Miles Dunn for even more background regarding Grinidon and the history behind the project and it’s artist.

Grinidon: A Fantasy Graphic Novel – Volume 2 on Kickstarter

tumblr_o0o3dbxE011subh7ro1_1280Grinidon is an epic saga of kingdoms and factions fighting for control of a newly discovered island, Calaway. You join the story fifty years into this conflict, after its lords and people have successfully won their independence from their homeland – and now wage war against each other.

Lords and families from the old lands have risked everything to come here and find their fortune. Alliances have been formed and broken, guilds and kingdoms have risen and fallen, and heroes have come from the most unlikely of places.

In Volume 1, the southern kingdom of Carnasus is preparing its capital for an attack from the north.  The council has sent word for all those loyal to the realm to aid them, but they know that this is a battle they cannot hope to win. The northern army is impossibly large and their king has taken steps to ensure victory. 

All appears lost until a figure from Carnasus’ past reemerges – but the slim hope he offers comes with great risk, for he knows a dark secret that must never be told. The council must decide if they will place their lives into the hands of those they cannot trust, or risk annihilation on the battlefield and leave their end to fate. Continue reading »

Jul 212016

13607790_10157202348845602_2060425145_nI do a fair number of posts promoting Kickstarters that catch my eye. Usually it’s about looking for value and quality among the many offerings. I can easily say the artwork for Grinidon caught my eye. It turned my head. It was magnificent. Get the picture?

I had no idea if it was digital or hand-done, and frankly for the first time in forever I did not care, it was…magnificent. And, I was lucky because the Kickstarter was a value too. I bought two copies.

I reached out to artist Erwin J. Arroza for an interview, and thankfully he was most gracious in accepting the invitation. Erwin shared a great amount of his work on various projects, with permission from the various owners. You can click on any image to view a larger version. 

I cannot thank Mr. Arroza enough for this interview. The honor, sir, is entirely my own.

Moby’s! – You’ve been working on this book for a while, how does it feel to have finished the artwork for it?

13595872_10157202348675602_1184361718_nErwin – Finishing Grinidon is somewhat a bitter sweet experience. I just wrapped up all the artwork last week and I’m already missing the late nights and the early morning work. Grinidon has been such a positive experience for me as an artist who has been striving to break through the industry. Jeremy has been an inspiration and a huge blessing. It has been a privilege being part of such a wonderful vision.

The artwork for Grinidon is stunning. Is this your usual style and how did you develop it?

I’m still new at this. I still think that I’m in the process of finding that right kind of ‘style’. However, there is something organic about rough pencils and grey tints that goes together with the sepia look. Grinidon is raw and I personally believe it’s one of its strong points….I thought the look should complement it.

13607730_10157202348650602_1804243553_nThe look certainly does go well with the genre. Will you continue to develop this style on more projects in the future?

I guess it just depends on the project or genre.

How challenging is creating the look for the book you are working on?

I think one of the best and most challenging parts of production, developing the whole look for the book. At this point I’m still very much flexible in terms of style. I have only started doing comic book illustrations fulltime recently. Most of the other projects are either been shelved or have not been released yet. Continue reading »

Apr 232016

BIALogo2I wrote about Boxes in Action a while back, but once again they have outdone themselves. I’ve been very happy to recommend them to anyone; their boxes are much nicer than plain old white comic boxes and are perfect for any geeks collection of…well, anything really. They are perfect for more than just comics.

Well, I felt I needed to write about them once more after learning of their newest licensing deal…Officially Licensed Jay and Silent Bob comic book boxes! I know, sweet, eh?


They cost a bit, but includes very careful shipping to prevent damage to the product in route (see my previous review [HERE] for more info) and there are a few different designs for sale or pre-order.

The quality of the boxes and the customer service  is top-notch, I cannot recommend these boxes enough either for yourself or as a gift. Here’s a video from YouTube that shows the quality.

You can order them direct from Boxes in Action via their Store on Facebook.



Mar 182015

JR9I have enjoyed Jessica Riddle’s music ever since I discovered her work via Pandora years ago. Her first album, Key of a Minor, is so full of great tracks I was surprised to find she had only one follow up album, Chapter 2.

Until now that is. Jessica’s next album, I Like Mine, is available for pre-order right now and will be released on April 3, 2015. Since it had been a while since we last heard from her, I decided to reach out to Jessica, to ask a few questions.

So, it was a great moment when she said yes to a little request for a short interview. Thank you Jessica!

jr8a1) The still photo’s you’ve posted seem to show someone having a lot of fun. What inspired the new album and how was it to make?

The album is titled I Like Mine after a song on the record. The lyrics are “These moments make a life, and I like mine.” If I appear to be having fun it’s because I am living my life with passion.

I have been inactively working on this record since the day I released my second record, which is about 12 years ago. I didn’t start actively recording until last Spring. I have been very busy living and writing, working and loving, crying and laughing. You know, all the things that make for good songwriting!

Over the years I have slowly built up a home studio that holds the capability of recording an album. I owe a lot of gratitude to the friends and family that have helped me steal the time and have helped boost me when I lost momentum or confidence. Continue reading »

Dec 272014

The Strange 01Have to let everyone I can know about a great deal from Top Secret Press going on right now. You can get 4 comics, actual physical books, mailed to you or someone as a gift for only $10 INCLUDING SHIPPING!! Or you can also get the Digital Comics, all 4 books, for only $5.

The books are The Strange #1, 3CORPS #1 & #2, and Betty wicked #1. I have been following Top Secret Press via their Kickstarters for the last year. They always give great value for your pledges.

For example, their Kickstarter for 3CORPS #1 &#2 had 8 reward tiers under $25, including the $9 level that got you 3 books shipped to you AND PDF copies to read while waiting for the mail. Continue reading »