Aug 162016


It’s always nice to see someone who has been featured here on Moby’s! move onto a new project, and that is the case with artist David Jaxon. About a year ago I posted a couple of commission pieces by David, including one of Silverwolf’s Edge, a piece that came out really well.

And now we can see more of David’s work in his new Kickstarter! Yay, Moby promoting a Kickstarter, how aboot that? Seriously though, it is nice to see someone taking it to the next level and making their own book, like Super Legion. Continue reading »

Aug 112016

You never know what you are going to find when you check out the comic books currently fundraising on Kickstarter. The books come in all kinds of flavors, from graphic novels to generic superheroes to…an homage to Reefer Madness.


reefermadnessFor those too hip being square, Reefer Madness was a 1936 anti-marijuana propaganda film made to convince the public that smoking ‘reefer’ would inevitably lead to “manslaughter, suicide, attempted rape, hallucinations, and descent into madness due to marijuana addiction”. Oh my!

Thankfully someone, Jeremy Myers, has taken it upon himself to use this 80 year-old Public Service Announcement disguised as a film to make a comic book, and it looks fun. Continue reading »

Apr 262016

Update!: A $15 tier (Limited to the first 25 sets) that includes the physical and digital copies, including shipping has been added to this Kickstarter. Much better deal.

If you feel like paying donating about a buck twenty a page (including shipping within the USA) for a Kickstarter comic book, check out ‘Midnight Persons’.

A comic about a group of individuals who decide to become more than human to help mankind ascend a world depleted of it’s resources.”

20 pages, $25. Includes shipping within the USA, but


FOR $25.


For $25, they don’t even throw in the digital copy for you to enjoy while waiting for the book to arrive at your doorstep. That is the $30 tier, or you can go digital alone for a mere $10. 

Best of luck guys.


Feb 102016

I’ve been real disappointed lately to see so many projects with way overpriced (over-donation-ed?) single issue tiers.

Seriously, I know there’s shipping, and sure I get a digital wallpaper. But no one likes paying (or donating or flushing down the toilet) $12 or $15 for a regular 24-30 page comic book. Yes, even yours. Continue reading »

Jan 092016


GrinidonAs soon as I saw the artwork for Grinidon on Kickstarter, I was interested. After reading about half of the description I was already thinking of how far this story could go, in distance and in breadth. There was definitely something about this project that made an immediate impression, and it was not just the fantastic artwork.

Well, it came from the artwork, actually. For every close up of a face there was also the wide, expansive shot showing the mountains or forests… the sample pages told me that the very land in this tale would be like a character unto itself, with it’s own story to tell. Like any good fantasy world, this one seemed to have it’s own flavor, it’s own story.

Of course, Moby could be wrong. So, I figured why not just ask the writer? I approached Grinidon Creator J. Miles Dunn with a few questions about the project and he was very gracious and took the time to answer every question, for which I cannot thank him enough.


Grinidon: A Fantasy Graphic Novel on Kickstarter

Grinidon is an epic saga of kingdoms and factions fighting for control of a newly discovered island, Calaway. You join the story fifty years into this conflict, after its lords and people have successfully won their independence from their homeland – and now wage war against each other.

Lords and families from the old lands have risked everything to come here and find their fortune. Alliances have been formed and broken, guilds and kingdoms have risen and fallen, and heroes have come from the most unlikely of places. Continue reading »