Dec 212014


Comrades! As you might have heard, Sony has pulled The Interview from it’s Christmas release date. Some are calling it a victory for the hackers, and a huge loss for Sony and the freedom of artistic expression. The cost to sony will likely be somewhere around $200 Million, possibly more.

But in all this unpleasantness, a few lucky folks are going to make a little money after all. How you ask? Well, the movie itself cost around $45 Million to make, with at least that much spent on advertising and merchandising. If you happen to have any of that promotional merchandise lying around, you could be making a small killing right now on eBay. Continue reading »

Nov 302014

This whole fan-editing thing has gotten out of control. First it was Star Wars Episode I, then other films. Some of these edits are quite good by the way. And now…it’s the teaser. Is nothing sacred?

To be honest I did not think there was enough meat to the teaser to make anything much of it, but as usual the internet has overruled me.

First, we start off with the ‘It’s so dense’ George Lucas Special Edition of the Official Teaser. And it’s hilarious. Check it out:

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May 082014

RedLetterMedia became internet famous for this 70 Minute review of 1999’s Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Presented by his persona of “Harry S. Plinkett”, we get a spot on (brutal) review of a deeply flawed movie that could have been written by a 3rd grader. Continue reading »