Apr 152013


Okay, what’s wrong with this picture?

So, it seems that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has built a reputation as ‘Franchise Viagra‘ for his ability to come on board flagging film franchises and breathe new life into them. And he has stated that he would like in on Star Wars. 

Cinema Blend: Are there other franchises that you look at and think, “I want to give that a shock to the system?” 

Dwayne Johnson: Oh easily. Star Wars.

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Mar 142013

Well, that was quick. I just read about the project, and headed over to Kickstarter to check it out…and it is already funded! On day one, the $2 Million goal has been reached and the project is already funded. Incredible. The $2 Million is a record in it’s own right, and to get funded so quickly is simply breathtaking. Fans of the TV cult favorite show can now celebrate, The Veronica Mars Movie is a go.

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Mar 122013

ReplayPostHave you ever read a book and wished they would make it into a movie? Of course; we’ve all had that moment, and I can think of a lot of books I’d like to see personally.

Most of the books I’d love to see made into movies are sci-fi and will likely never see the light of day. Hollywood simply has no stomach for taking risks when their whole business model is predicated on blockbusters that need to open to tens of millions of dollars and make their budget back in a few weeks. You see it today with all the remakes and reboots.

Replay, however, has had a screenplay floating around for a couple decades and has even had Ben Affleck attached at one point, so it seems like a good candidate to get made someday. The players on HSX seem to agree, they are holding this long by a 3:1 margin. Continue reading »

May 072012

Following the record opening for the avengers this weekend, I decided to pop into HSX, the Hollywood Stock Exchange, to see the reaction the market was having to the record breaking opening of The Avengers. The impact was immediately clear.

If you will, just imagine a camera doing a dramatic close up of Dr. Evil as he asks for…200 Mil-lion Dollars. So it’s huge, and everybody is shocked, even those claiming not to be (does anything shock them, ever ever?). But what Moby wonders is…are superheroes now their own genre, like horror and sci-fi? I mean, officially? Continue reading »