Mar 202013

Janeane GarofaloOf course you’ve seen this gal. Janeane tries hard, real hard, and that makes her one one those love her or hate her types. She is an actress, a comedian, and an activist. Janeane was born in Newton, New Jersey and is of Italian and Irish descent, and did I mention she’s an activist?

After winning a comedy talent search contest, then working her butt off for years, Garofalo came into the limelight along with a cast of friends and colleagues that included Ben Stiller, Andy Dick, David Cross, and Bob Odenkirk. Basically the cast of The Ben Stiller Show. She then went on to even bigger things, like being an SNL cast member for a season. Continue reading »

Feb 132013

dabney2Of course you’ve seen this guy. He played the boss, a lot. Tootsie, 9 to 5, you name it, Dabney was the go-to guy when you needed a self-serving jackass type who is up to no good. You know…a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot type.

Well, he did get some other roles. He once auditioned for the role of The Professor in “Gilligan’s Island”, for example. This Austin, Texas native attended the Virginia Military Institute and was drafted into the army, serving in Europe in the mid ’50’s. Somewhere in there, he also managed to study law. That must be where he found out he was funny.
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Jan 312013

Of course you’ve seen this guy. Believe it or not, he once topped the a-list…and lingered for a loooooong time.

Here is a guy who has quite a novel resume. Born in Brooklyn, NY to a Jewish family, he then gets a bit of worldly seasoning by first moving to Europe for a spell, and then finally moving on to California and attending Beverly freakin Hills High School. As if he were meant for greatness, it was like they put a seed into the soil…and he sprouted…moving on to television work for a while, then breaking through the big time with roles in American Graffiti and Jaws. Close Encounters. Cocaine. Yup, our boy liked to party, making him a comeback kid as well, which about everyone likes, right? And did I mention under-appreciated? Continue reading »

Jan 282013

Of course you’ve seen this guy. You might not realize it just yet, but trust Moby on this. Start the popcorn.

Mark was born in Pasadena ( pah-sah-dah-nah) and first gained fame and notice in a late-night comedy sketch series similar to Saturday Night Live called “Fridays”, an attempt by ABC to emulate SNL which was suffering from low ratings at the time. He was noticeable for a few characters, including “The Crazy Pharmacist”, which led to secondary parts in films like ‘The Incredible Shrinking Woman’ (1981)  and weekly TV roles in The Nutt House (1989) and Good and Evil (1991). If your real resourceful you can effort his work in “The Jerk, Too” and “Splash, Too”, a couple of TV movie versions of feature films noticeable for their lack of Ted Danson (that guy can just not catch a break!). Continue reading »

Jan 252013

Of course you’ve seen this guy. My personal favorite French import. My picks for tonight star Jean Reno , known to Americans as that guy from Godzilla, that guy from The Pink Panther , and Leon.

Reno was born in Casablanca, Morocco. He was lucky to meet and collaborate with Luc Besson early in each others careers, and was in Luc’s first movie. Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President, was the Best Man at his freakin’ wedding. And, he’s got range. Just take a look at tonight’s recommendations: There’s action, comedy, romance, drama….he’s like the everyman of France, a french Tom Hanks who can also pull off an action role. Yeah, that’s it. Continue reading »