Mar 182015

JR9I have enjoyed Jessica Riddle’s music ever since I discovered her work via Pandora years ago. Her first album, Key of a Minor, is so full of great tracks I was surprised to find she had only one follow up album, Chapter 2.

Until now that is. Jessica’s next album, I Like Mine, is available for pre-order right now and will be released on April 3, 2015. Since it had been a while since we last heard from her, I decided to reach out to Jessica, to ask a few questions.

So, it was a great moment when she said yes to a little request for a short interview. Thank you Jessica!

jr8a1) The still photo’s you’ve posted seem to show someone having a lot of fun. What inspired the new album and how was it to make?

The album is titled I Like Mine after a song on the record. The lyrics are “These moments make a life, and I like mine.” If I appear to be having fun it’s because I am living my life with passion.

I have been inactively working on this record since the day I released my second record, which is about 12 years ago. I didn’t start actively recording until last Spring. I have been very busy living and writing, working and loving, crying and laughing. You know, all the things that make for good songwriting!

Over the years I have slowly built up a home studio that holds the capability of recording an album. I owe a lot of gratitude to the friends and family that have helped me steal the time and have helped boost me when I lost momentum or confidence. Continue reading »

Mar 082015

Pre-orders have already started over at!

Jessica Riddle’s new album to be released on April 3, 2015!

The new album is titled I Like Mine and contains 12 tracks.

Jessica entered the spotlight years ago with the single ‘Even Angels Fall’ from her first album, Key of a Minor. Her follow up album, Chapter 2 was quite a bit angrier and darker. The great news for fans like myself is that this one seems to be a lot happier and plenty of the samples have good upbeat rhythms.

Below are the cover for the album, and the track listing.


Again, you can pre-order the album (MP3 Download version) for only $8.99 right now at Amazon.

Also available on iTunes.

You can follow Jessica via Facebook at

If your in Austin, TX on April 3rd, why not stop by Antone’s Record Shop on Sunday, April 5 at 3:00pm for the release party?

Apr 082013

where-im-headed-lene-marlinI am willing to bet that most Americans are not familiar with the music of Lene Marlin. I definitely had no clue who she was when Pandora added her to one of the stations it was building for me, based on my musical tastes and all. The first song of her’s I heard was Where I’m Headed, and it was very much a Pop song, but with great breathy vocals…a bit like Leigh Nash of Sixpence None the Richer or perhaps Allison Krauss. And of course I knew right away that I had found an artist that would be put into my regular rotation on my mp3 player. I love it when that happens; it’s just so hard to find good music nowadays. Continue reading »

Feb 252013

Key of a minorThis is another one Moby found a while back, one of many great finds that I probably would never have made if not for the internet. I was again searching against the 10,000 Maniacs’ song ‘Gun Shy’ (off of their In My Tribe album) on Pandora when ‘For Wowser’ started playing…and I knew within the first few bars we had a winner. 

lKey of A Minor was released on Hollywood Records on April 18, 2000, and in my opinion is a really good pop album. It contains the single ‘Even Angels Fall’, from the soundtrack to the film ‘10 Things I Hate About You‘, and it helped Jessica gain some popularity for a time. She even had spreads in Maxim and FHM, which one is sure caught a few eyes at the time.

Though she was only 19 years old when the album was recorded and released, it has been noted in many reviews online that the topics in her songs and her delivery of them are well beyond what you would expect from ‘a minor’. Continue reading »

Jan 302013

DowsingPicI have plans to do a whole series of posts about the artists I’ve found using Pandora, but I did manage to discover a new artist (new to me) by a different method. The band is called ‘Dowsing‘, and they are based out of Chicago (like Katie Todd) and their music is indie, emo, and pop. And apparently they are pretty good at playing Monopoly. Continue reading »