Dec 292016

Well, it’s been a year since Alec Peters’ Axanar, the non-Trek Star Trek fan film production, was sued by CBS and Paramount.

I had originally thought to post something about how the lawsuit changed the landscape of fan films, mostly through the fan film guidelines that came a few months later, but to be honest I’ve found I don’t really have anything much nice to say about the whole affair.

Best of luck to those still producing, and to Starbase Studios as it moves to a new home.

Nov 142016

Starbase Studios

For filmmakers looking to produce a Star Trek Fan Film, there’s basically only one set left open to them in the US, unless they build their own, and that’s Oklahoma City’s Starbase Studios

Starbase Studios has one of only three replica bridge sets in the US, and is now the only set open to the public to use for filming. The studio operates as a non-profit and supports the guidelines set by CBS. The studio is home to several productions, and it needs our help.

The studio has had a good run at it’s current location, but has been asked to move soon and there is a deadline. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover the moving expenses and anything anyone can spare towards the effort is , of course, immensely appreciated.

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