Jan 172017

It’s been a while since I’ve just wrote a random post, which is funny because this is supposedly a ‘personal blog’. Funny.

I used to write little posts about stuff I just liked, usually in a “blast from the past you might have missed or not even be aware of because Moby is freakin’ getting old and knows about some cool stuff from ‘back in the day’ and he wants to share it with you” sort of way. So I guess this post is one of those.

It’s like a confession, but not about shit from the ’90s. This is about much more recent stuff that sucked, but Moby still likes all the same.

I’m talking about Vince Vaughn films. The last few he has made, basically solo, and how I really liked them. Continue reading »

Sep 172016


Huge news for fans of Hollywood Movie Studio, aka Hollywood Mogul 3…the game is now free! Well, it’s pay what you want, and it’s definitely still worth some dough in my humble opinion.

HMS is the culmination of generations of text-based games simulating YOU running a major Hollywood studio. Sure, it’s not flashy and the graphics are near non-existent, but that’s a plus, not a negative here.

There have been countless attempts at making the perfect Television or Movie studio sim, and HMS gets it as close as anything has ever accomplished. Is it perfect? NO. Being text-based, it is not going to float every persons boat. Still, no other studio sim lets you feel like you are actually green-lighting the flicks and seeing if they pay off in the end, raising your studio cash enough to try your next silly Rom Com starring George Clooney. Or Jude Law. Or anyone for that matter. Continue reading »

Jun 182016

gnome (nōm) n.

A pithy saying that expresses a general truth or fundamental principle; an aphorism.

Gnome #3:

People generally like characters that are sort of like cats.

(Gnome #3.5: Actual cats only count if animated.)

gnomeIt’s true. I don’t claim to understand it entirely, but throw a few cat-like characters into the plot of a book or movie and suddenly it’s Q Score goes through the roof. If you stop and think about it, I am sure you can think up at least a few cat-like characters in books and movies, all of them wildly popular.

From the Beast in Beauty and the Beast to The Cowardly Lion, just throw a cat suit on someone and BOOM!

Just look at Captain America: Civil War: The entire movie plot depends on a cat character, The Black Panther, getting some revenge and Boom! Huge international hit.

And they make great sidekicks too. Let’s see…there’s Stimpson J. Cat of Ren & Stimpy, Hobbes of Calvin and Hobbes, Scratchy of Itchy and Scratchy, and Shrek’s pal Puss in Boots to name a few. If you want your cartoon creation to become hugely popular and immortal, all you have to do is partner your shitty character with a cat character partner and you’re done.

It’s almost too easy. You can’t go wrong with a cat character, even if they’re the bad guy or girl. Continue reading »

Jun 092016

logosmallSometime within the last year or so Moby had a difference of opinion with a guy who had a Kickstarter running, and things might have, perhaps gotten just a tad out of hand. This is the short version of that long story. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it has a happy ending.

So long story short, this guy is/runs/publishes (or something) Maelstrom Comics, and he has a Kickstarter running. I thought some of his reward tiers were a bit high and a tad excessive, and he disagrees. Nasty emails are exchanged, but not so many, just a couple or three.

cropped-BG3-1024x683Now, let me just say upfront that I like Maelstrom’s product. It has an extremely professional look and the quality of the work is as good as you could expect from any publisher, just with a lot of tits and ass.

Among Maelstrom’s titles are Prymal the Jungle Warrior and Star Valkyrie, which I came to think of as Jungle Tits and Space Boobies.

I liked the books and the art so much I even bought a page of original Prymal art for my collection.

The point is that what follows is not out of some lack of admiration for the quality of Maelstrom’s stuff or what not…it was petty. So, what happened? Continue reading »