May 082017

Author Becca Lee Gardner has completed a one-shot, 22 page comic book script for Moby’s upcoming comic book line, tentatively titled ‘Fatal Flaw‘. It’s a story based on a question Moby had about what would happen if the universe was a simulation and that simulation became self-aware. 

The concept is very exciting. 

Luckily for everyone Becca took up the challenge and delivered not just an outline but a completed script, and it was so good Moby bought it. Hopefully we can get it made in a few months, after the Dr. Fizz books and a little something I am working on with a fellow from Wales called Shadoworlds. It’s very exciting. 

But Becca Lee Gardner is what I wanted to share with everyone today, because she is finally releasing her first novel on Amazon, and pre-orders are now available. The book, Astray, will be released on May 16, in aboot 8 more days. Here’s the blurb:

Something watches Blair Samson. Something follows her, hidden in the San Francisco fog.

That something is covered in human blood. That something knows much more about the hundreds of people missing from Chinatown than any of the newspapers.

And that something won’t stop meowing until Blair believes it.

In a thrilling mystery filled with drug lords, gang bosses, law enforcement, chocolate lovers, and one very intense cat, Blair might be the only one not led astray.

Sounds very exciting. Becca has short stories available already on Amazon, and I did some research and bought one about a superhero physiatrist, Delilah’s Valor, that proved to be as fun as an actual comic book. It was just the right length to make into a one-shot comic, and it had a doozy of a twist at the end. 

So, if you are into comics, mysteries, and supporting indie authors, you might consider hitting the link and checking out Becca’s novel, Astray. I hear it’s very exciting.

Jan 092016


GrinidonAs soon as I saw the artwork for Grinidon on Kickstarter, I was interested. After reading about half of the description I was already thinking of how far this story could go, in distance and in breadth. There was definitely something about this project that made an immediate impression, and it was not just the fantastic artwork.

Well, it came from the artwork, actually. For every close up of a face there was also the wide, expansive shot showing the mountains or forests… the sample pages told me that the very land in this tale would be like a character unto itself, with it’s own story to tell. Like any good fantasy world, this one seemed to have it’s own flavor, it’s own story.

Of course, Moby could be wrong. So, I figured why not just ask the writer? I approached Grinidon Creator J. Miles Dunn with a few questions about the project and he was very gracious and took the time to answer every question, for which I cannot thank him enough.


Grinidon: A Fantasy Graphic Novel on Kickstarter

Grinidon is an epic saga of kingdoms and factions fighting for control of a newly discovered island, Calaway. You join the story fifty years into this conflict, after its lords and people have successfully won their independence from their homeland – and now wage war against each other.

Lords and families from the old lands have risked everything to come here and find their fortune. Alliances have been formed and broken, guilds and kingdoms have risen and fallen, and heroes have come from the most unlikely of places. Continue reading »

Jun 152015

Author Lawrence Block, a personal favorite here at Moby’s!, has posted to his website a short story:

unnamedA couple of months ago, a woman named Bianca emailed me from Germany. Could I write something around 700 words long for a New York guide book called 38 Hours? I could and I did, and they’ve just now sent me a copy of the book, with my effort printed, and with a terrific illustration on the page opposite. I wanted to give you a chance to read it—and, even better, to see the illustration, which you’ll be quick to see is an uncanny likeness of Our Favorite Felon. But it’s all too short and insignificant to sell you, so I figured I’d just print it here:

I don’t want to steal LB’s thunder, so you’ll have to go to his site to read the short story. While you’re there you might even sign up for his newsletter. It’s the best written newsletter in the business, I assure you. 🙂

And while you’re here, you might like to check out Moby’s! own interview with Mr. Block. Or not, could go either way, eh?

Sep 202014


Star Trek fans should really check out this Kickstarter by author Stephen Fender. Stephen is a published author with a pretty neat hobby; he likes to write Star Trek ‘fan fiction’. And he is working on a series of new Trek novels set during The Four Years War.

What is Star Trek: The Four Years War?

The Four Years War was a protracted conflict between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire, which took place roughly ten years prior to the events depicted in Star Trek: The Original Series.

The entire war was outlined in a supplement for the FASA version of Star Trek: The Role Playing Game. While the supplement goes into some detail concerning battles, tactics, and political motives, it is lacking a great deal.

Being an avid fan of military history, I felt that this was a great project to test my abilities at novel writing. Thus, in 2011, this series was born.

Continue reading »

Aug 042014

lb6I have enjoyed the work of Lawrence Block for many years. From his lighter Burglar mysteries to the hard boiled stuff, to the older works just now being made available once again for new fans. Even the guy’s newsletter is always a welcome find in my email inbox.

So, it was a great moment when Mr. Block said yes to a little request for a short interview. Thanks LB.

1) Whatever becomes of Bernie Rhodenbarr? Does he ever find something he loves more than breaking and entering? 

LB: Don’t expect Bernie to change. He’ll go on being Bernie as long as I find stories to tell about him. He and Carolyn occasionally discuss this stasis, realizing that neither of them will ever find a relationship that works, that she’ll go on washing dogs and he’ll go on stealing, and that they’re fine with it. In The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons, he shoots down the notion that he’ll reform and become some sort of amateur detective. He is, I’m pleased to report, one constant in this ever-changing world. Continue reading »