Aug 042014

lb6I have enjoyed the work of Lawrence Block for many years. From his lighter Burglar mysteries to the hard boiled stuff, to the older works just now being made available once again for new fans. Even the guy’s newsletter is always a welcome find in my email inbox.

So, it was a great moment when Mr. Block said yes to a little request for a short interview. Thanks LB.

1) Whatever becomes of Bernie Rhodenbarr? Does he ever find something he loves more than breaking and entering? 

LB: Don’t expect Bernie to change. He’ll go on being Bernie as long as I find stories to tell about him. He and Carolyn occasionally discuss this stasis, realizing that neither of them will ever find a relationship that works, that she’ll go on washing dogs and he’ll go on stealing, and that they’re fine with it. In The Burglar Who Counted the Spoons, he shoots down the notion that he’ll reform and become some sort of amateur detective. He is, I’m pleased to report, one constant in this ever-changing world. Continue reading »

Feb 072014

papLate last year, I finally got around to reading a classic, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Why, you might ask? Well…

There haven’t really been a lot of good romantic comedies out in the last few years, so I was looking around for something worth watching. When I saw the poster for the 2005 movie starring Keira Knightley, I thought ‘how bad could it be?’. I mean, Keira looks absolutely delicious, no?

The movie turned out to be a very well produced period piece which I thoroughly enjoyed. I decided to read the original, figuring the book is usually better than the movie, right?  So why am I telling you all this?

Sadly, Moby has become something of a fan of Mrs. Austen’s work, I suppose. The book is a classic for a reason, I now know.

It’s all about the characters, I think. I wanted to read more about them, know more of what they were thinking, feeling, etc…I wanted….more. I knew that there were unofficial sequels published, I had seen them available in audio format on audible, but when I got to looking into what was out there my mind was blown just a bit. Turns out Moby is not the only one who really likes Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam.

Continue reading »