Moby’s is evolving into a place for me to share my interests and post recommendations and such. Also, it serves as a playground for me to learn about HTML. And it’s just fun sometimes, too.

In order to add the categories to the menu bar, It seems I need to have a page to add them under. Yeah, I know I am probably doing it wrong, but why the heck are YOU reading this, eh? Unless I became famous, you’re probably drunk if you’ve gotten this far. In which case you could probably actually use this page.

You can use the drop down menu above to find a bunch of stuff. It’s not a great system, but that’s not your fault. You did not design it…for that matter neither did I. It just sort of grew. How was I to know how many categories to make? I mean, I add to ’em all the time, random seeming stuff I had no idea I would ever write about. 

If this page was worth it’s salt, it would weed out all those nonsense posts just there to buffer the numbers. Like the wooden pen post. Christ, what a disgrace that one was. And Ted Danson jokes. I thought ol’ Ted would be my ticket to a thousand posts but banging on him is probably about as satisfying as banging Whoopi, give or take.

What I am trying to say is I would like a puppy, a wienerdog puppy. They are so adorable. 

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