Dec 292016

Well, it’s been a year since Alec Peters’ Axanar, the non-Trek Star Trek fan film production, was sued by CBS and Paramount.

I had originally thought to post something about how the lawsuit changed the landscape of fan films, mostly through the fan film guidelines that came a few months later, but to be honest I’ve found I don’t really have anything much nice to say about the whole affair.

Best of luck to those still producing, and to Starbase Studios as it moves to a new home.

Dec 062016

Paradox Girl is back! PG is easily one of the best comics to come around on Kickstarter in a long time, and now she is back for another round with all-new issues.

And now you can see what the fuss is about by checking out PG’s first issue for free [HERE].

You can also find out More at, or by checking out the Kickstarter for issues 4-6.

Don’t worry, this one won’t kill you with shipping costs for the physical issues, and you can still get Issues 1-3 in several tiers too.

Highly Recommended. Check out that free Issue on Tumbler to see for yourself.