Apr 262016

Update!: A $15 tier (Limited to the first 25 sets) that includes the physical and digital copies, including shipping has been added to this Kickstarter. Much better deal.

If you feel like paying donating about a buck twenty a page (including shipping within the USA) for a Kickstarter comic book, check out ‘Midnight Persons’.


A comic about a group of individuals who decide to become more than human to help mankind ascend a world depleted of it’s resources.”

20 pages, $25. Includes shipping within the USA, but


FOR $25.


For $25, they don’t even throw in the digital copy for you to enjoy while waiting for the book to arrive at your doorstep. That is the $30 tier, or you can go digital alone for a mere $10. 

Best of luck guys.


Apr 232016

BIALogo2I wrote about Boxes in Action a while back, but once again they have outdone themselves. I’ve been very happy to recommend them to anyone; their boxes are much nicer than plain old white comic boxes and are perfect for any geeks collection of…well, anything really. They are perfect for more than just comics.

Well, I felt I needed to write about them once more after learning of their newest licensing deal…Officially Licensed Jay and Silent Bob comic book boxes! I know, sweet, eh?


They cost a bit, but includes very careful shipping to prevent damage to the product in route (see my previous review [HERE] for more info) and there are a few different designs for sale or pre-order.

The quality of the boxes and the customer service  is top-notch, I cannot recommend these boxes enough either for yourself or as a gift. Here’s a video from YouTube that shows the quality.

You can order them direct from Boxes in Action via their Store on Facebook.



Apr 222016


This is why I stated my own blog in the first place…moderation. I’ve been accused of not being able to keep my nose out of others peoples business before…and there’s some truth to that. Of course, that business is usually public (meaning I have every right to an opinion) and messy.

And you learn a few things too I suppose when you run a blog that does interviews. Things I never understood before about why people lie or just how bad most of us are at it. The petty things they say to make you go away that just makes you want to know…”what the heck is this guy hiding?”

I’ve had to let a few go, quite a few. And for the blog, that’s probably for the best. This is ‘Moby’s: A Happy Place’ after all, not ‘Moby’s: Spotlight’. Actually that sounds rather good…like it might be a big, big hit.

Anyways, it’s a combination of keeping politics (mostly) off these pages and not needing to write about artists lying through their teeth about using digital vs. hand-drawn work, or some dude peddling overpriced Kickstaters. Nope, I’ve learned to walk away from a few, and the blog is better for it.

And Then Alec Peters Wrote Himself A Check. Continue reading »