Aug 112015

pixlogoForgive me for I have sinned…I went and paid money to see Pixels. And you know, it was not quite as bad as I was expecting.

Now to be fair, I was expecting to see a steaming pile of dog excrement, so the bar was a bit lower than normal. Let’s be honest, the reviews were brutal. But the plot was actually coherant and the movie was professionally made. The CGI worked well enough, the casting was good for the tone they were going for and all that. Disagree? Well, that’s easy enough when the plot is ridiculous. A movie this silly allows for a lot of leeway in casting.

Sure, Kevin James as the President of the US was a stretch, but so what.  I just kept telling myself he was elected by that party that will elect anyone and it just worked. Continue reading »

Aug 102015

jaxomWell, it’s convention season…again. And artist David Jaxon was practically giving away sketch commission to prepare…so Moby got a coupe of old favorites from the Silverwolf roster…Grips and Edge.

I really like David’s style, these should look great with some color. Please keep in mind these are convention sketches, not work for reproduction here, and so the line weights. I am not sure how many of these David was knocking out a day, or how long he took with them, but the idea was to do them quickly.

Normally, I would start with the Grips piece, but this Edge really came out well. Seriously well. If I were hiring, I’d sign him on this piece alone. I LOVE this Edge piece.

Edge by David Jaxom
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