May 242015

Moby’s Digital Pick for Free Comic Book Day 2015 is…


Pathways Issue #0 is now available for

download at

revised issue 0 covercolorPathways is a brand new miniseries from Dragon Phoenix Media that will lead into the upcoming ‘The Return of the Frontiersmen‘.

I’ve already reviewed a preview copy here on the site (you can see that review HERE), but it is always nice to see the finished product from a new company.

Again, I was surprised by the density of the story. I was expecting the usual origin stuff (after all it is a comic book) but Pathways really surprised me with the depth and range this opening issue covered. I said it pretty well the first time, so here’s the core of my previous review:

Moby was thinking this would be a simple superhero origin story, diluted by having to deal with an ensemble cast. But this zero issue was not that at all. By use of time distortions we get a glimpse of the past, and a taste of the future. Foes protecting heroes without their knowledge, and mixed allegiances.”

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