Apr 122015


When I was doing my own ashcan comic book, ‘Medium Men’, I needed a name for the villain the heroes fight against. I needed a name that would suit an evil mastermind but also fit the theme of the book, which was a spoof on the X-Men or such.


Baker and Bone, members of the Medium Men

This was a long time ago, but I remember days went by and I could not figure out a good name for the bad guy. This was important stuff, the name of the villain has to be something that informs you about his nature. It has to speak for him like a calling card. 

Then an episode of The Dukes of Hazard came on. I was not a huge fan or anything, but by then it had been in syndication way too long and the Dukes were like TV comfort food. I mean, it might as well have been Gilligan’s Island coming on. So I was basically ignoring the Dukes playing out in the background while I worked away at the drafting table.

Then it happened. As soon as they started chasing the boys, Boss Hogg got on the radio and started calling out to his two deputies, Rosco P. Coltrane and Enos.

p Enos

And there it was, the perfect name for my sarcastic madman: Rosco P. Enos. (Sounds like Rosco Penis. LOL?)

Even if I never get around to re-working ‘Medium Men’, James Best will always have a small tribute to his most famous role.

Rosco P. Enos, it’s a funny name.


Apr 072015

nomad1cov‘The Glut’ was not all crap, though you had to look hard to find stuff worth keeping.

I’ve decided to post a few example here on the site to give an idea of what Silverwolf and Greater Mercury Comics were competing against.

Up first: Nomads of Antiquity by M.E. Comix.

There’s practically no information available online about this company, which is a shame. Here’s what we know: ‘M. E.’ apparently stood for McNeil Enterprises, after Pierre R. McNeil. The company was based out of Atlanta, Georgia and this first Issue was published in January, 1987.

Altogether, there would be 5 issues of Nomads of Antiquity published. The series’s covers featured limited color and the art by John Skoglund was actually decent for a ‘Glut’ book. I’d have to put it near par with much of what we saw from Greater Mercury Comics.

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