Feb 282015

Okay, so not the sexiest of posts, but I’ve been doing a few little things to help make the place more interesting.

First, I’ve added random quotes to the sidebar there, right under recent posts. Mostly Silverwolf related and not too many at the moment, but still a nice addition. I will get around to adding to the pool of quotes as time goes by.

I also started to get tired of the same headers, so I’ve added a bunch more. Just silly stuff mostly, no real theme to them. Mostly Moby just having fun in Photoplus.

Well for now, here are a few of the new headers…I hope you like ’em!

First up are some inspired by Mortdecai:


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Feb 272015


Like most fans of science fiction the last few decades, I was a fan of Leonard’s Mr. Spock. He had many other roles, he was a character actor after all, but to millions or perhaps billions he was and will always be our friend Mr. Spock.

By all accounts he was one the friendly ones, the good ones. I like that he seems to have respected the fans as well. He could have taken his bow years ago but instead continued to do the little things, like lending his iconic voice to various projects or reprising the role of Spock in the reboot of the film franchise. You know, little things like that.

I bet he never thought back in the late 1960’s that Star Trek would be there for the rest of his life…but it is fitting. He gave and the fans have always given back. Just look at the outpouring of remembrances and above all the respect from all around the world.

Rest in Peace, you will be missed.


Feb 232015

Click for Larger VersionOne of the titles at Silverwolf which Tim Vigil worked on was Nightmaster, a book about an American ninja in California.

The issue has an amazing cover by Vigil, with only 21 B&W interior pages.

The first half of the book deals with Nightmaster hunting down the location of the ‘Red Dragons’ gang and dealing with a street thug who has just killed a shop owner. The second half of the book deals with Nightmaster’s origin and his confronting the ‘Red Dragons’. The opening half of the book is a real treat, but in all honesty the second half of the issue the art is noticeably weaker. Continue reading »

Feb 222015

Well, it had to be done. Moby’s! has moved it’s hosting away from GoDaddy as of last night and moved over to Bluehost.

This was necessary due to a ‘connection lost’ error every time the admin tried to do anything on the site. Basically…lag. A lot of it too. So, the domain is still GoDaddy for a couple more years, but the site itself lies elsewhere.

It was not an easy move, either. First, we tried GoDaddy’s 3rd gen CPanel hosting but that actually made it worse, breaking most of the links on the site. Thankfully a good hit with the ‘search and replace’ plugin fixed that about 10 minutes ago.

Then there was the broken databases. That was saved by a clone of the site just happening to still exist..still, almost lost about 2/3 of the posts. Yikes!

So I said to myself, “Self’,” I said, “that there’s enough bites at the apple for the daddy…let’s look elsewhere.” And BlueHost is the top recommended host by WordPress itself and they had a nice discount going.

This is the second time I have moved the site, not bad for a total noob.

But, so far so good. All seems quiet. I am sure I will still manage destroy the site one day.

Feb 192015

Shamelessly re-blogged from the comments section of IMDB for the movie The Hunted (1995), posted by ksjazzguitar on Sat Jun 26 2010.

1. Ninja leaders and high priced call girls have really bad Japanese accents (which I’m sure has nothing to do with the fact that they are played by Chinese actors.)

2. If I kill Kinjo, I become his heir.

3. When fighting your ninja master for control of the clan, just raise your sword as high as you can and charge him – I’m sure he won’t think to step aside and slice you across the belly. After that fails, try it again – I’m sure he won’t slice you across the belly a second time.

4. Paul REALLY doesn’t like pachinko.

5. Little Japanese girls will happily get in a cab with a strange gaijin, as long as he’s nervous and bleeding from the neck (that’s how you know they are safe.)

6. A taxi driver in a major city doesn’t understand the word “train”, even though it has cognates in several European languages. It probably never gets mentioned in his line of work.

7. Takeda is impressed. No one has ever escaped the Makato, Racine has done it twice.

8. If you see half a dozen young men getting on a train with golf bags, they are probably ninja.

9. When ninja attack a train, they always color coordinate with the drapes. It’s just part of ninja etiquette.”

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