Dec 292014

Moby is a big fan of Mike Rowe, the former host of TV’s Dirty Jobs. To say he is down to earth and has a great head on his shoulders is an understatement. The man should be elected to office, but we don’t deserve him. 

He has a foundation, mikeroweWORKS, that gives full scholarships to youths willing to work hard and learn a trade. There are literally millions of jobs in this country, the USA, that are high paying but go unfulfilled due to a lack of trained, qualified professionals. And Mike is trying to help America and young people by providing training, all expenses paid. A great American. Continue reading »

Dec 272014

The Strange 01Have to let everyone I can know about a great deal from Top Secret Press going on right now. You can get 4 comics, actual physical books, mailed to you or someone as a gift for only $10 INCLUDING SHIPPING!! Or you can also get the Digital Comics, all 4 books, for only $5.

The books are The Strange #1, 3CORPS #1 & #2, and Betty wicked #1. I have been following Top Secret Press via their Kickstarters for the last year. They always give great value for your pledges.

For example, their Kickstarter for 3CORPS #1 &#2 had 8 reward tiers under $25, including the $9 level that got you 3 books shipped to you AND PDF copies to read while waiting for the mail. Continue reading »

Dec 262014


I came across this one on Kickstarter and liked the look of the character (obviously inspired by Spider-Man).

I decided to look into the character and found ‘The Luminous Firefly #1’ was only 12 pages long, but was available for free on the company’s website, I like that they posted the issue for everyone to see, and I think it will help the Kickstarter. Here’s a page from that book:

Firefly1-10 Continue reading »

Dec 242014

Hard to believe another year has gone by.

Moby has not been blogging much this year. Sure there was that short spurt a few months back about that thing. That was great. But mostly, this has been a quiet year. I blame Facebook.

If you read this blog, you know I like the zombiefication of media about as much as Eric Cartman likes hippies, dude. And nothing creates more zombies online than Facebook. But I resolve next year will be more. Not better, but more.

I mean, what’s the use of having a blog, a platform, if you don’t use it…to post meaningless and uninteresting opinions about stuff? And things, or something. So that is what I see for Moby’s next year. I plan to write more about comics, games, TV, etc. Until I get bored of it, of course. Or something.

Anyways, I did plan to recommend a last minute gift idea this year, like I did last year. Oh, that was such a great post. It was interestingly formatted, funny…it was a good post. But it was also from 2013, so it makes sense. If that same post was from 2014 it would have sucked, I know, right? But I just cannot get inspired enought to suggest anything this year.  Continue reading »

Dec 212014


Comrades! As you might have heard, Sony has pulled The Interview from it’s Christmas release date. Some are calling it a victory for the hackers, and a huge loss for Sony and the freedom of artistic expression. The cost to sony will likely be somewhere around $200 Million, possibly more.

But in all this unpleasantness, a few lucky folks are going to make a little money after all. How you ask? Well, the movie itself cost around $45 Million to make, with at least that much spent on advertising and merchandising. If you happen to have any of that promotional merchandise lying around, you could be making a small killing right now on eBay. Continue reading »