Aug 172014

The recent reblog about Gary Gygax got me to thinking about my personal history with Dungeons & Dragons. I guess this is where Moby’s inner nerd shines through, and unless your really interested in D&D this is not likely to be very interesting. At all.


Moby learned to play ‘Advanced Dungeons & Dragons’ years and years ago with a bunch of acquaintances who were of course a bit older than I was. Just for fun I pulled out all the old books for a picture, those are my actual books above. Sure they can be replaced; I looked on amazon and you can get about any book you need, in used condition, for under $10 (including shipping), but these are the very books I have had for about 20 years now. They are the D&D version I learned (first edition), so of course they are the version that is best and all others suck. So there.

Then there are two other ‘books’, stuff I put together myself to help expand the choices available to the players. More races, a few more classes, and so on. Continue reading »

Aug 152014

Click on image for a much larger version.


I saw this one again while reorganizing a bit, and thought to share it again. Such a great piece, Lady Mastermind from Marvel’s X-Men series of titles. I have not seen much from Alan lately, but I have not been looking either. 

I found his work through eBay after he started selling some awesomely detailed Batman ‘inner pages’. You can click [HERE] to download the Batman mini-comic and check it out for yourself. It is in .cbr format, but you can change the .cbr to .rar and unpack it if you wish to see the pages that way.

Great work, so glad I won this piece.

Aug 142014

rodrigoqRodrigo is a veteran children’s entertainer. He’s crass, macho, and refuses to be disrespected. He also wears a pink leotard with what appears to be an adult diaper under it. Sure, it’s probably just part of the outfit, but…

I came across ‘Rodrigo’ on Kickstarter and it is nice to see that the project has finally reached ‘release’ stage. The premise is for off-the-chart hilarity by way of unabashed off-color humor and such. The word ‘uncouth’ comes to mind.

You can follow the series via Rodrigo’s YouTube Channel, or just check the first three shorts out below.