Apr 292014

Originally posted on HarsH ReaLiTy:

“One of the most trying periods for males is “the moment of the breakup.” Now I understand that women also breakup with men, but I can’t really speak on their behalf. I would hate to try and talk on a topic I wasn’t clearly an expert on…

I feel it is my duty to provide men out there with some tried and true methods of “parting ways” with a woman. These will help you to keep your sanity and your nerve because it is that moment of uncertainty that will cause a bad decision that will result in a lifetime of unhappiness. For both parties involved. All of these options won’t be available to you, not all of us own horses, but the ones do you I encourage you to try some of these. Putting a video of it on Youtube.com is also a great idea. Here are some ideas for “safe” ways of breaking up with a woman.”

According to the article, you can try this:

I believe the safest method of approaching a woman is in a full suit of armor and on a very fast horse. Preferably one of those Spanish horses I always hear about.”

Or this tidbit:

People send singing telegrams and that is just stupid and mean. I would send a mime instead to hand deliver the message. He can then start miming a wall to protect himself…”

Funny post, worth reading the whole thing.

Apr 242014

This blog does not cover many things regularly, so it’s pretty neat when two of those few things overlap. In this instance, those two things are Silverwolf/Greater Mercury Comics and Star Trek.

AssignmentEarth.ca Relaunched.

The web’s most complete site on this back-door pilot from Star Trek gets its seventh major update, with new design and content.


Apr 232014

BellaDonnaFor fans of Silverwolf comics, Bella Donna (1987, Pinnacle Comics) is something of a gem.

The book was to be published in June 1987 by Silverwolf, but of course the big implosion occurred and the book was not published…by Silverwolf. Bella Donna is sort of the one that got away, I guess.

Written by Martin Powell, with art by Seppo Makinen and Alan Larsen, only one issue of the title was ever released (Issue #1, ‘The Box’, Pinnacle Comics), which is a shame. 


The book is quite good, especially compared to the usual Silverwolf standard for art and story, which is no surprise given the caliber of creators involved. Powell and Makinen are better known as the duo who brought us the classic Scarlet in Gaslight (1987, Eternity Comics), an Eisner Award nominated graphic novel that pitted Sherlock Holmes against Count Dracula in Victorian London. Continue reading »

Apr 152014

I hope your sitting down, because a Trek fan film just got released on time. Moby will update this post once he gets around to actually watching the episode…but for now here is the second episode from Star Trek: Secret Voyage. Continue reading »