Mar 312014

The Stan Sakai Charity Action is still underway on eBay, and there’s still a lot of great artwork up for sale with more coming.

One of those pieces that was just sold was the piece below, a cover style piece by none other than former Silverwolf Comics artist Benton Jew.

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Mar 072014

I just wanted to share a sampling of the artwork that is available for bidding right now on eBay. Some of the pieces are Usagi related, others are pages from other books or such that have been donated specifically to help raise funds for the Sakai family in their time of need.

The auction will have up to 40 pieces available per week, and go on for at least 10 weeks (300-400 pieces of art are expected to be sold for this cause).

Here are a few of the best from this weeks lot now available to the highest bidder:

usagi_yojimbo_by_chris_tirri$_57$_57 (2)$_57 (3)

 Click on any image to go to eBay auction page for that piece.

And Silverwolf/Greater Mercury fans take note: there’s even a piece now at auction by Edge co-creator Gary Shipman!

It’s for a good cause; so bid early, bid often, eh?

Mar 052014


“CAPS is happy to announce the list of artists whose work will be represented in our first round of offerings on eBay this coming Thursday, March 6. All of our Stan & Sharon Sakai Benefit Auctions will be sold under the eBay seller name of “CAPSauction” – , and each will be a ten-day auction.”

Starting tomorrow, there will be an Auction online for some great artwork to help out Stan Sakai’s family. Continue reading »