Feb 142014

Exeter ComicSeven weeks after missing the Christmas Release window for the last, long awaited final act of ‘The Tressaurian Intersection‘, there is finally some good news to report regarding Starship Exeter.

Joshua Johnson, who founded Exeter with his brother Jimm, has announced on Facebook plans to produce an audio version of Exeter, with the original cast reprising their roles! 

Via Facebook:

That marks all of the reoccurring cast as being on board to record this Atlantis Invaders Audio Adventure. I hope to have the script ready by the end of March…”

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Feb 112014

Thanks to Bill C. for permission to share this great commission he received recently from artist Tim Vigil.

In features Grips saving Crescent from Deathborg.


Comments about this piece should be left at

Bill C.’s Comic Art Fans page.


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Feb 102014

Because nothing says “robot samurai” like a French name…”


One of the books Neill Brengettsey was hired to draw for Silverwolf Comics was Guillotine. The main character was basically a Samurai version of Robocop (with a french name). In the issue, Lance (from The Eradicators) is hired to hunt down and bring in Guillotine after he escapes from his creators.

There were a cover and 9 pages intended for Guillotine amongst the trove of art shared by Neill for his interview. From that interview:

“Guillotine was going to start off as a skeletal type robot and then he was going to get a more complete robotic body with clothing  — with a  Samurai type outfit…Guillotine was that old shoe about a man stuck in a robots body… Continue reading »

Feb 072014

papLate last year, I finally got around to reading a classic, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Why, you might ask? Well…

There haven’t really been a lot of good romantic comedies out in the last few years, so I was looking around for something worth watching. When I saw the poster for the 2005 movie starring Keira Knightley, I thought ‘how bad could it be?’. I mean, Keira looks absolutely delicious, no?

The movie turned out to be a very well produced period piece which I thoroughly enjoyed. I decided to read the original, figuring the book is usually better than the movie, right?  So why am I telling you all this?

Sadly, Moby has become something of a fan of Mrs. Austen’s work, I suppose. The book is a classic for a reason, I now know.

It’s all about the characters, I think. I wanted to read more about them, know more of what they were thinking, feeling, etc…I wanted….more. I knew that there were unofficial sequels published, I had seen them available in audio format on audible, but when I got to looking into what was out there my mind was blown just a bit. Turns out Moby is not the only one who really likes Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam.

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