Jan 302014

andyI asked a few artists recently for commissions of Grips, to get an idea of how different artists would ‘see’ the character and all. One of those Moby commissioned was a personal favorite, Andy Fish.

Andy has a great blog site, Fish Wrap, where he shares his passion for vintage creature movies and vintage Batman along with tips for those looking to make a career in the art world, particularly freelance artists. As a collector, his insights and advice help me to understand those who create all the wonderful stuff the rest of us glance at for a few seconds before we turn the page, to appreciate the art and the artists that little bit more.

Below is the commission Moby received, and it’s a pretty darn good one too! I count three decapitations and at least one severed limb. Just beautiful, eh?

You can click on the image below for a larger version:


Andy also sent along a few extras including a real nice Batman and even a color Rocket Raccoon. Thanks Andy!

Jan 272014

Grips 7 adA treat from Mega-Silverwolf fan Bill C., a decent scan of may have been the cover art intended for Grips Vol.1 #7. Bill sent this one a while ago, and since I was going to post a couple new Grips commissions, I thought I should get around to posting this lost gem.

The first four issues of Grips were published by Silverwolf, and issues 5 & 6 were later published by Greater Mercury in GMC Action #5-#8.

At the top left there is the advert for the issue, which gives us an inkling of where the story was going.

As usual you can click on the image below for a larger version:
Grips 7

Via Facebook, Tim stated this piece was originally a portfolio piece. Indeed, this image is one of the plates included in Grips Portfolio #3.

Still, it is clearly used in the advert for issue #7. 

Be sure to check out Bill C.’s collection posted at Comic Art Fans, including a brand new commission from Mr. Vigil.

Here’s a peek:


Thanks again Bill.

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Jan 212014

McVigilSiggyLast summer I was fortunate to meet and interview former Silverwolf Comics artist Dane McCart. He was very nice, and had a lot of insight into the history of the company and what it was like to work for Kris Silver way back around 1986 or so.

He also had something I was looking for desperately: Original Silverwolf Art. Two published covers (Eradicators #3 and #4) and one unpublished cover. It was a very good day.

So while showing me these covers and telling me about working with Tim Vigil on the cover for The Eradicators #3, he mentions another piece they did together and pulls out one more, oversized piece…’Vampire’.

You can click on the picture below to see a much larger version:


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Jan 202014

More unpublished Silverwolf Comics pages from ‘the stack’ sent by Neill Brengettsey. You can check out his interview with Moby’s! [HERE].

Here are what were to have been, as far as Neill and I can tell, the first three pages of the unpublished Silverwolf title, ‘The Deadly Dungeoneer‘.


You can click on the image above for a much larger version.

The Deadly Dungeoneer as a major character in The Eradicators #4 and appeared in the Silverwolf Bulletins as well.

More to come….

Jan 182014


Moby was very fortunate again recently, hearing back from another artist who worked for Silverwolf, Mr. Phil Hester (@philhester).

When one reads the wikipedia for the artists who got their start at Silverwolf his name is conspicuously absent, though I doubt he minds this. It is a bit unfair though, if the truth be told. Of all the artists that got their start at Silverwolf, Phil has without a doubt had one of the best careers of the bunch. He writes, draws, and has about 300 published issues to his credit.

He went on to truly ‘break-in’ on Marvel’s Swamp Thing, and is also known for his revival of DC’s The Green Arrow (with none other than Kevin Smith writing). He also won the Eisner Award for Best New Series in 1997 for The Wretch, published by Caliber Comics.

As usual, I asked about six questions (five actually), and they were the usual ones, too. Mr. Hester was very kind in sharing his thoughts on the company and his experience there.

He also kindly accepted a commission for a new illustration, with Port and Grips, which you can see [HERE].

A huge thank you to Mr. Hester for his time, and his insights.

How did you come to work for Silverwolf?

It was a time, I think my sophomore year in college, when a lot of little publishers like Silverwolf were starting up. I was very eager to work in comics, so I would go into the comic shop every new comics day and select all the debuting publishers to get their mailing addresses from the indicia– this was back when people mailed things. I worked up new samples every few months and would send photocopies off to all the publishers on my list. Thankfully, Silverwolf really needed new talent and Kris gave me a shot. Continue reading »