Oct 282013

Spoons_Cover 3Mystery author Lawrence Block has made an announcement recently that is sure to make a lot of his long time fans very happy: Bernie Rhodenbarr is returning in an all new book!

This one will be the 11th in the series, and it definitely comes as a big surpise. I remember Block mentioning once in his newsletter something like ‘If I had a nickel for every time someone asked if there will be another Burglar book….’, and now there is one. No news on the nickels, though I am guessing after this one is released he’ll have a couple more to rub together.

…a handwritten manuscript, a collection of American Colonial silver, steamer trunks overflowing with buttons, a girl with a gecko tattoo, and a whole lot of breaking and entering.

For those unfamiliar with the series, the books star Bernie Rhodenbarr, New York City bookstore owner by day, cat burglar extraordinaire by night. His best friend, Carolyn Kaiser, is a lesbian dog groomer who owns a shop named The Poodle Factory and his contact on the other side of the law is Ray Kirschmann, an honest cop.

Meaning of course, that if he gets bought, he stays bought…and that is about as honest as can be, no? Continue reading »

Oct 222013

AjaxMoby has been keeping up with Facebook a lot more lately. I think it is addictive, TBH. But one thing I have learned from checking in so often is that there are a few more of these Original Series Star Trek fan films being proposed or produced. And for whatever reason, it seems like a lot of them are fundraising about this same time. 

Right now there are Indiegogo.com and/or Kickstarter.com campaigns underway for Starship Farragut, Star Trek Continues, and New Voyages/Phase II. And those are just the ‘Big Boys’. There are a few smaller productions vying for your support as well. Continue reading »

Oct 172013

kcc2Reblogged from Geeksaresexy.net:

Chicago’s Commedia Beauregard Theatre has taken it upon themselves to release a karaoke-style rendition of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”…loosely translated into Klingon.




So what is this all about, you ask? You might not believe it, but… Continue reading »