Jul 152013

Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth (2007) is a great sci-fi movie. I know fans of low-budget fan-produced Trek sometimes visit this blog, and this movie is something that they owe it to themselves to check out. The few people who have watched The Man From Earth at my recommendation have always come back to share their thoughts…it’s the kind of film that last under two hours but starts a conversation that lasts three. It’s a great movie.

The Man From Earth introduces us to John Oldman (), a college professor who is turning down tenure after 10 years to move on, move away. When John skips the goodbye party his fellow professors have arranged for him, a few of them decide to drop in on him at home. After all, who turns down tenure?

They find John packed and waiting for some movers, and of course they break out a bottle and settle in to wait. Before long, they are having an impromptu goodbye party.

Then something incredible happens…John turns to his fellow scholars and tells them he has been walking the Earth for 14,000 years and he has to leave because after 10 years people will start to notice that he never ages. They ask him if he’s serious, and John says we have some time to spare (waiting for the movers) so let’s just have fun with it…prove me wrong.  Continue reading »

Jul 082013

For the Summer of 1987, Silverwolf had plans to release 10 new color titles, one of which was to be called ‘Silver Wolf Tails‘. During my interview with Dane McCart he was showing me some of the art that he had from those days, covers to The Eradicators 3 and 4, a ‘Vampires’ piece he collaborated on with Tim Vigil, and some other odds and ends…then he casually mentions that he has this cover for what would have been a Silverwolf color book…and would I be interested in it?

I should have asked him “Is a Frog’s Ass Watertight?” but instead I just said something stupid like “Yeah, wow, that’s great!”, or something. Continue reading »

Jul 062013

Silverwolf EdgeAlong with the recent interview and his tryout pages Greater Mercury Comics Edge Artist Brian Riedel was kind enough to also send scans of the unpublished covers to issues 9, 12, and 13; as well as scans of the first ten pages of art that was completed for issue 13! Again, I cannot thank Brian enough for his willingness to share his unpublished art with us fans, giving us all a chance to see ‘what might have been’. Continue reading »

Jul 052013


One of the fun things to do as a collector is to follow all the leads out there, even the small or silly ones from time to time. So, on a whim, I tried the link on Keith Paquette’s Silverwolfcomics.com that read SilverWolf Comics fan t-shirts! Turns out the link takes you to the online store for SW products at CafePress, and they are still available. Um…wow?
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Jul 032013

extremeI remember the first comic book signing I went to. It was 1993 and I was standing in line, in front of a  small comic book shop in Corona, California. Image Comics was about a year old at this point, and Extreme Studios founder Rob Liefeld had brought the entire stable of artists (and a couple other non-Extreme artists) as part of the Extreme Studios Tour ’93. There was even a cool tour book.

So, eventually the signing started, the line got moving, and soon enough I was at one end of a long table arrayed with artists on one side , all diligently signing away for the fans filing along the other side. I got to the first artist and handed over a copy of the tour book, and perhaps a copy of some title he had worked on. Truth is, I was happy enough to meet these guys, but I really only came to see the guy who happened to be at the very end of the table. And I was not really meeting anybody. Continue reading »