May 312013


These are individually crafted pens and styluses turned on a lathe in such a way that it brings a touch of nature to your writing.

This project was brought to my attention since I promote so many Kickstarters. Now, what do pens and styluses have to do with movies or comics? Not much, but like so many projects at Kickstarter this one is about something unique and hand-crafted, something that is a child of the creator’s passion. How could I say no? Continue reading »

May 302013


The title character from the unpublished The Last Wild Bitch" by Morganza

The title character from the unpublished “The Last Wild Bitch” by Morganza

I met Kris Silver at and Orange County Comic Con in California around 1992. I was showing my artwork to all the publishers there hoping to get hired. Kris Silver took a look and hired me on the spot for a project, my ego shot up several levels, I was excited to be working as a professional artist.

The project turned out to be an adult comic called “The Last Wild Bitch”. I love that title, this was my very first experience as a comic book artist.Morganza

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May 292013


You can read more about this piece, along with a series of pictures showing the creating process, at Black Pyramid Studios.

This commission is by Morganza, hired by Kris Silver in 1992 for a book called “The Last Wild Bitch” which was never published. Moby’s post about Morganza and this unpublished Silverwolf book is now online.
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May 282013

I was thinking of ideas to help out with Starship Ajax, and one of the ideas I had was to get some art done for a possible poster or flyer to promote the project. What was needed was to have something that was visually striking, something that would catch the eye, but still be in black and white to keep costs down.

I turned to artist Chris Conidis to see if he could help out. His black and white ‘retro’ art was perfect for this. He sent two pieces, and what is below is a composite of elements from those two works.


This version is a composite of Chris’ work and not his original composition. Used with permission. Click on the image for a larger version.

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May 272013

DESPJudging by the comic book projects populating Kickstarter, I am starting to see something pretty cool. I could be wrong, but I have hope that the whole Vampire and Zombie obsession is almost over. Seriously, enough already…what the heck is it with zombies anyway?

So, that’s the good news. The interesting thing is what I see replacing them: Steampunk. Yeah, it still falls into that whole emo/goth ‘alternative’ like the zombie stuff; but I’ve about had it with the ubiquitous obsession with all things undead. The Steampunk concepts seem pretty cool too, especially in comparison. They are ‘techie’, a bit sci-fi, and best of all…no frickin’ corpses! Yup, I prefer my entertainment media without the undead walking around…or at least fewer of them than we have had the last few years.

There are a few Steampunk comic projects on Kickstarter right now actually, here’s a quick round up:
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