Apr 302013




Moby had a good day today while in Massachusetts thanks to eBay comics wholesaler Gary Dolgoff Comics. The shop is run out of a ‘loft’ style 4-story near Springfield and they were quite helpful when I arrived to pick up a great set of Grips comics I spotted on eBay; a Grips Mega-Set if you will.

Unfortunately I had to run and little time to loiter and bug Rob (or the rest of the staff), but I did manage to learn that the shop ships A LOT of comics and prefers to sell sets and runs. The long boxes on pallets awaiting sorting testified to the volume and selection. Okay, I was a bit impressed, but managed not to geek out.

The Grips set I picked up was a bargain at under $1 per book. It contained 26 mostly high-grade comics including full runs of Grips V. 1&2, Grips Adventures, Grips Special #1, and a copy of GMC Action #5 for good measure. 26 books for $23…I almost felt guilty.

Gary Dolgoff Comics is an eBay seller, so there’s no need to be near Massachusetts to get yourself a great deal too. Recommended.

Gary Dolgoff Comics • 116 Pleasant St. Easthampton, MA 01027 • Phone: 413-529-0326 • Fax: 413-529-9824 • gary@gdcomics.com • eBay Store

Apr 272013


Issue #1 Now Available

I first saw this comic book on Kickstarter, and it looked like an interesting concept.

The Heroes of Echo Company are a group of elite Space Marines who have taken on the personas of Earth’s greatest heroes and legends…The young Marines of Echo Company, Sinbad, Robin Hood, Lancelot, Hua Mulan, Samson, Wild Bill and Musahi, under the command of Erik Wright, code name Ulysses, will have to prove what a real hero is when they are faced with the horrors of war.

The story is set in the year 2145 and the Marines of Echo Company portray themselves as heroes of the past. Just try to imagine the movie Aliens, but with Ripley surrounded by The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It certainly was an original concept, and I just had to check it out after seeing some of the striking character pin-ups posted to the kickstarter. You can see them at the bottom of this post.

The art by Joseph Henson worked really well with the story and the pace of the book was great. Perhaps I should not be so impressed by ‘panel pages’, but by about page 13 I had that moment where I realized just how well the story was being told, both visually and narratively

The coloring and ‘texture(?)’ to the finished work gives the world of Echo Company that ‘lived in’ look, a bit like the world of TV’s Battlestar Galactica reboot, or the film Outland. And like those examples, the inhabitants of Echo Company come across the same way…they too are far from perfect, not just ‘bad-ass’ heroes, and their flaws give them a bit of depth and vulnerability. They drink, they gamble, maybe cheat a little…you’ll love ’em.
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Apr 262013

SilverWolf’s epic, Thieves (#1) gets new life on the Flavourful Sauce. 

A group of super thieves team up to bring some sweet flaming justice to evil doers and bald men who talk so melodically. Will Diana be ok? Where did Rhan learn to drive so good? Is Alex single? All these questions and more in Thieves issue 1…

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Apr 232013


Since I’ve been doing a lot of posts on Silverwolf and Greater Mercury Comics lately, I thought it would be nice to share a really, really nice piece of Grips original art with you. This one is by artist Pete Ayala, artist for Grips V2 #3-5 and #7-12.

Click on the picture for a slightly bigger version

Grips by Pete Ayala

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Apr 172013


Moby happened to be in Sacramento, California recently (the birthplace of Silverwolf Comics) and was able to get in touch with Tim Foster. Tim worked for Kris Silver way back at the start of Silverwolf, doing the art for The Dungeoneers, which lasted four (4) issues total.

The Dungeoneers was based on a party of fantasy role-playing characters, a la Dungeons & Dragons or such. 

This title follows the adventures of a ragtag band consisting of a hippy ninja, an ugly dwarf, an Amazon warrior babe, a skinny werewolf, a crusty old wizard, and a rock with legs, feet and tennis shoes as they make their way down through many realms…down, down, down across levels and dimensions to Hell itself. But hold on to your seats: their journey doesn’t stop there. Witness the terror of infinity as it takes this group below Hell and beyond! – Atomic Avenue

I had contacted Mr. Foster to ask if he possibly had any of the original art or such to share or sell since I was in town, just hoping but not expecting much. Of course there was no original published art from the series to be had, but he did have some great insights to share. Tim Foster was very kind and took being asked about his work on a small comic book 20+ yrs ago in very good humor. Continue reading »