Mar 272013

swlogotransRoman Morales III worked as an artist for Greater Mercury Comics in the early ’90s after getting out of the Marine Corps. His work was published in Assassin Force #2 and in the Grips Special #1. He also did the portfolio artwork for the for the character Edge, who was covered in an earlier post. Grips had brought a lot of exposure to the talent of Mr. Tim Vigil (during the Silverwolf run), and being asked to work on such a title must have been a blast.

He went on to work on several other titles for other publishers over the years, including Lynch MobThe 10th Muse, and even an issue of the X-men. He was a police officer for about a decade and a half, and is currently a starring member on Mun2’s spanish-language bounty hunter reality show Fugitivos De La Ley Los Angeles (Fugitives Of the Law).

Roman Morales, middle, with the cast of Fugitivos De La Ley Los Angeles

Roman Morales III (center) with the cast of Fugitivos De La Ley Los Angeles

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Mar 232013

I just found all 6 pages (and cover) from this project by Alan Moorefield on his Facebook page, complete with lettering. It’s was posted a while back, but still deserves a post.

I picked up one of the originals (a panel page) from this project on eBay, but had no idea how many there were or what the context was at the time. I bought the page mainly because I found the level of detail a bit stunning and, well, after all it was Batman. Truth be told, I was quite lucky to snag the page when I did.

In his gallery post he mentions that this Batman project grew from the opening splash (which is not in my collection) being the most popular page of all his comic artwork, and it’s easy to see why. Continue reading »

Mar 202013

Janeane GarofaloOf course you’ve seen this gal. Janeane tries hard, real hard, and that makes her one one those love her or hate her types. She is an actress, a comedian, and an activist. Janeane was born in Newton, New Jersey and is of Italian and Irish descent, and did I mention she’s an activist?

After winning a comedy talent search contest, then working her butt off for years, Garofalo came into the limelight along with a cast of friends and colleagues that included Ben Stiller, Andy Dick, David Cross, and Bob Odenkirk. Basically the cast of The Ben Stiller Show. She then went on to even bigger things, like being an SNL cast member for a season. Continue reading »

Mar 182013

Boxes in Action is something that someone should have thought of long ago, a rather unique approach to storing your comic books. Why do we all keep our comic books in the same, boring white boxes? Why should they not look as cool as the books we keep in them?

I can’t believe I almost missed this one and that nobody has thought of this before. As you can see from the photos there is one design already done and ready to ship and another all set to go. The Kickstarter for this has only three days left, so there is still time. Continue reading »

Mar 172013

Edge1One day while browsing on eBay, you can imagine my surprise when I recognized a name on some art for sale; that name was Gary Shipman. He had several mixed media illustrations for sale, all made with an interesting style to them. Something he called ‘Outsider Art’.

The reason I recognized the name was because I like to collect original artwork from artists who worked for Silverwolf and Greater Mercury Comics, a small company (and it’s reincarnation) that was around in the late 80’s and into the 90’s. Gary Shipman was the co-creator and artist for one of the major characters at Silverwolf, a character named Edge. And there he was on eBay. Continue reading »