Feb 282013


Moby’s Interview With Carey DeVuono!!!

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hm4Well, that was not good. The games creator, HMDesigner, called it with about 3 days to go…it was not to be. Not enough support to warrant a fourth installment in the series. Not the result Moby was looking for. I was really looking forward to HM4.

The goal was to raise $120,000 for a project that had a delivery date of December 2014 and was to include the base game and also two expansion packs at the same time. It was ambitious, it was needed, and it failed badly. Of the $120K goal, less than $9K was pledged. For the record, Moby was a backer at the $100 level and I have waited until now to say anything (as though anyone cares).


I miss good business sims.

Fact is there’s just not quite any other game out there like Hollywood Mogul. I miss good business sims like Aerobiz. There are a ton of ‘tycoon’ games out there, but most are second and third rate. The Movies by Lionhead Studios was great and there are others, but this was THE Hollywood game Moby wanted to see.

What is to follow are my thoughts, and it is all made up. I don’t ‘KNOW’ any of this so take it all with a grain of salt, especially if you are mad at HMDesigner because I am going to defend him a bit. Continue reading »

Feb 252013

Key of a minorThis is another one Moby found a while back, one of many great finds that I probably would never have made if not for the internet. I was again searching against the 10,000 Maniacs’ song ‘Gun Shy’ (off of their In My Tribe album) on Pandora when ‘For Wowser’ started playing…and I knew within the first few bars we had a winner. 

lKey of A Minor was released on Hollywood Records on April 18, 2000, and in my opinion is a really good pop album. It contains the single ‘Even Angels Fall’, from the soundtrack to the film ‘10 Things I Hate About You‘, and it helped Jessica gain some popularity for a time. She even had spreads in Maxim and FHM, which one is sure caught a few eyes at the time.

Though she was only 19 years old when the album was recorded and released, it has been noted in many reviews online that the topics in her songs and her delivery of them are well beyond what you would expect from ‘a minor’. Continue reading »

Feb 242013

anneclr300I wrote before about what a great find Penny-Farthing Press was. Top shelf quality, and on sale which was nice. Moby does not buy too many comics nowadays, mostly art, and that is how I found Anne Steelyard and the Garden of Emptiness.

Anne Steelyard is sort of a female Indiana Jones type, but is based loosely on a real person. It has everything you could want in a story, and I would be shocked if a movie does not get made from this source material someday. Seriously, it has action, adventure, drama,  adventure, romance,…and more adventure.

The story was penned by Barbara Hambly and has won many awards and been widely reviewed, so I am not going to bother doing anything in depth here. Barbara did a great interview with comicbookresources, and that should do if you need more on the story itself. Mostly just want write about the art, the artist, and give readers a good idea of why they should give Anne Steelyard a chance. Continue reading »

Feb 202013


When Moby was younger, he used to read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy paperbacks, a habit picked up from mom. She claimed she could read several books a day, but 2 in one week was good for me. But of course when I started working full time and could not sit around reading all the time, I made the switch to audiobooks. They can be expensive, but they are such a very good way to whittle away time while your driving or stuck in traffic.

And luckily, Audible has been doing a great job the last year or two in adding some great stuff. ‘Catalog’ type stuff from 20 years ago, sort of classics from authors like Joel Rosenburg, CJ Cherryh, Elizabeth Moon, Dave Duncan…the list just goes on. I will likely add more about Audible and the great titles they are adding every week in another post.

So anyways, it was weird when I actually bought and read a book last month, and then finished that book and bought another. Now there are about five books in line so to speak. I went with some old favorites, some new ones, and some titles from favorite authors that I never got around to. The first two I read were a couple of CJ Cherryh’s earliest novels, two that are not available on audio, Hestia and Wave Without a Shore. Continue reading »

Feb 152013

kickstarter-logoWell, Moby got behind three more kickstarts but first I guess I should mention that it is not looking good for HM4 at this point. I’m gonna keep my thoughts to myself, but Moby backed HM4 solidly, put up the links and adverts…so it’s sad to see the campaign struggling to be sure.

But on the plus side, three other kickstarts have gone through. One is for a superhero novel and the other two involve animated series trying to get going. Continue reading »