Dec 272012

New This week we have a commission from Ebay virtual corner artist Kurt Herston (ebay name ‘kurthetston‘). Moby decided to try getting something he has wanted for a while…Grips on the toilet. You see Grips was the flagship character for indie Comics publisher Silverwolf Comics (which later became Greater Mercury Comics) and was the launching pad for artists like Tim Vigil and Ron Lim.

The neat thing about the character was his alter-ego was a comic book artist who drew a book called ‘The Fat Ninja’, which you can see he is reading there on the toilet. The Fat Ninja’ was another title available through Silverwolf, an actual book, written and published by founder Kristoffer Silver. Continue reading »

Dec 262012

pfpress.comAnne Steelyard - Act 1Just a quick note about a great sale from a great company. 

Right now you can get single issues of most titles directly from Penny Farthing Press starting at $0.69, and graphic novels at under $4 or $5, just an incredible deal. Moby has become a fan of PFPress by way of collecting original art from one of their series, Anne Steelyard.

Captain Gravity - Power of the Vril - Issue 4

Being something of a original comic art collector I was of course interested when I saw that there was a preview issue of Anne Steelyard with tryout page samples out there. However, the only copy I could find at the usual online stores was on Ebay for $15! Well, a quick search later and I found that PFPress had them in their own company store, and they were marked down, from a buck a piece to $0.25! What a deal, eh? But then as I kept browsing, I saw they had plenty more great books, and it was all on sale. Continue reading »