May 142012

News broke this week that CBS has cancelled a few shows, including Rob. Sad news indeed. The show lasted only 7 episodes despite decent ratings and thus becomes yet another sitcom cancelled too early. In the world of network TV, sitcoms need to either break into the top 10 to be kept around it seems, but this is nothing new. Rob averaged about 10 million viewers per week despite poor reviews and generally negative criticism.

Going back to NBC’s ‘Must See TV’ heyday there has been a pattern of shows lasting a single season and being thrown away if they do not become the next Friends, Frasier, or such. Remember Stark Raving Mad? Just how good does a sitcom have to be in order to get a chance? Let’s look at two of the newest, biggest sitcoms. Perhaps we can figure out why a show like Rob is now gone, shall we? Continue reading »

May 082012

I’ve noticed that in addition to all the superhero movies/comic book ideas  that there are also quite a few cartoons to live action films, a la The Chipmunks and Yogi Bear, also in development right now. Some interesting choices, too.  Can you say Hong Kong Fuey? Wow. That was the one that caught Moby’s eye. I mean, if their actually going to do a Hong Kong Fuey film, then Moby can think of all kinds of stuff he would like to see made into feature films. Continue reading »

May 072012

Following the record opening for the avengers this weekend, I decided to pop into HSX, the Hollywood Stock Exchange, to see the reaction the market was having to the record breaking opening of The Avengers. The impact was immediately clear.

If you will, just imagine a camera doing a dramatic close up of Dr. Evil as he asks for…200 Mil-lion Dollars. So it’s huge, and everybody is shocked, even those claiming not to be (does anything shock them, ever ever?). But what Moby wonders is…are superheroes now their own genre, like horror and sci-fi? I mean, officially? Continue reading »