Apr 212012

Phase II The ChildSome great news for fans of Star Trek, the latest episode of Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II has been released online. For those who have not already found this treasure of the web, Phase II (or New Voyages) is an independently made award-winning web-series continuing the original five year mission of the USS Enterprise.

All the original characters remain but are being portrayed by different actors. For example Captain Kirk is played by James Cawley, the founder and star of the series. He obtained copies of the original 1960’s era set’s blueprints on a visit to Hollywood years before and made his dreams a reality by building a standing replica of the original bridge inside a Ticonderoga, NY warehouse where the episodes are filmed.  Continue reading »

Apr 172012

John Carter of Mars : Return to Barsoom

Fans of  ‘John Carter’ should check out this free ebook by artist Scott Dutton (via his website  http://www.catspawdynamics.com).

It has a load of  great reviews, and due to copyright and all it is FREE in epub and mobi formats. Moby’s is not getting paid for this, and in fact is doing this promo without asking Scott because Moby is a fan of his artwork. (edit: OK, he knows now. Hi Scott!)

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