Oct 242017

I should have written about this before, but the Kickstarter for Volume 3 of J. Miles Dunn’s Grinidon is entering it’s last week, and there is a fair bit of news to report for those following the saga so far.

For those not familiar with Grinidon, you can look [Here], [Here], and [Here] for previous posts, reviews, and even Interviews with J. Miles and artist Erwin Arroza right here on Moby’s!


First, A lot of pages were added to the upcoming Volume 2 (over 70 pages added), it will now be over 200 pages long! With the quality of artwork coming from artist Erwin Arroza, this is a real treat. It also means we will see more of everything the island of Calaway, and it’s Kingdoms, has to offer. 
In Volume 3 we will see new races featured along with a new Kingdom (and a decidedly different society to the Kingdoms we have already met in Volumes 1 and 2)  as well as many new characters. We will also finally be introduced to Laden, a hugely important figure according to Dunn. For the first time we will also be seeing the wizards and getting a taste of the magic of Calaway, something Dunn alluded to in his interview for Volume 1.


But perhaps the biggest news of all is that there will be a new artist, Pepe Valencia! Dunn explained the hiring in an update to backer’s earlier, saying:

The reason we have hired Pepe – and are still looking for a third artist – is because we want to work on multiple volumes at once. This way we can release 3 graphic novels per year instead of 1, and can do so without sacrificing anything in terms of quality.

Even though these are lengthy books, who really wants to wait a year at a time for them, especially considering the story is already written? With our recent staff increase, I can now focus on script while the rest of our team works-on concept art, social media, shipping, inventory, etc.”

Pepe’s work is indeed amazing, as you can see from the pin-up and additional artwork below:

You can of course get more detailed info by checking out the Kickstarter page. The main book is only $20 (a bargain), and is also offered in a digital tier as well. You can also catch up on earlier volumes, get original art from Volumes 1 & 2 (Highly Recommended), as well as some other neat swag. 

Moby’s! highest recommendation, please take a moment to check it out.

Grinidon Vol. 3 on Kickstarter

Pepe Valencia
Pepe Valancia

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