Oct 172017

Forgive me for I have sinned…I went and paid money to see ‘The Mountain Between Us’, and you know it left me thinking a lot about Hollywood, Romance movies, and us.

My thoughts are a bit rambling, so forgive me. Overall, the movie was fine. I really enjoyed seeing Idris Elba, he’s a fine actor. Kate Winslet did OK too. Let’s admit it, we got to these movies to hit a spot, and some miss and some hit. I got to thinking of how Hollywood gets away with regurgitating so much to ‘the masses’, then I realized that the masses are always changing.

Each generation is there, fresh and anew, ready to be hit with timeless, classic tropes. Sure, we know of them, but it is the experience of seeing them. After all, ‘Star Wars’ was just the same old classic ‘farm boy defeats evil wizard to save the princess’, right? A lot has been made in other reviews for the chemistry, or lack of, of I know that I found myself willing it to be there…and if you paid money to see ‘the Mountain Between Us’, you probably did too. So I was left thinking of how each generation has only seen so many decently made movies, and how that is how so many get made, decade after decade. ‘You’ve Got Mail’ was once ‘The Little Shop Around the Corner’, right?

I guess I thought about how my age played into how I was seeing this movie, after all these were not a couple of twenty somethings, and in the end I am OK with everything. I see things in a new perspective. I doubt many millennials will see this film and think it is the new thing, and that is OK too. At least it got a theatrical release, unlike so many other ‘not perfect for the flash and pop’ release schedule of today.

I liked it. And I am getting old. Yes, the movie reminded me that I am getting old, and that is OK.

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