Sep 202017

Well, I guess it’s over. It’s been very trying and a bit boring and repetitive, but at last the day has come. What day? What is over?

Well, I got a ticket. Yeah, a traffic ticket. I could go into detail, and I would love to just opine all day long, but it’s a not so interesting story. What is interesting is the toll it has taken upon the very comic book  publishing I was looking to implement.

Personally, I fell like I have let down the creators who were looking to spend their time working for me. All of them, all have been very magnanimous in their understanding. Still, I need to make this up to them.

So, yes, there has been a pause. A stoppage. But we are going to continue. All artist previously hired by me, by Moby, will be able to complete the projects they were hired for and we will continue.

I continue to be thankful to God, and shall continue, with his grace. Let’s make some comics.

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