Sep 172016


Huge news for fans of Hollywood Movie Studio, aka Hollywood Mogul 3…the game is now free! Well, it’s pay what you want, and it’s definitely still worth some dough in my humble opinion.

HMS is the culmination of generations of text-based games simulating YOU running a major Hollywood studio. Sure, it’s not flashy and the graphics are near non-existent, but that’s a plus, not a negative here.

There have been countless attempts at making the perfect Television or Movie studio sim, and HMS gets it as close as anything has ever accomplished. Is it perfect? NO. Being text-based, it is not going to float every persons boat. Still, no other studio sim lets you feel like you are actually green-lighting the flicks and seeing if they pay off in the end, raising your studio cash enough to try your next silly Rom Com starring George Clooney. Or Jude Law. Or anyone for that matter.

Personally, this is huge news simply because the creator of HMS has always been accessible to his audience. I am sure this was not some off-the-cuff decision, which makes Moby think this is the end of the line for the series. So sad.

In any case, the game is mod-able, and there are several mods available to add real life stars to the game, and the players forums have been at least a bit active for years, even in the lean times.

Get this game, try it out, and please, if you like it, hit that donate button.

You can get the game at

Moby’s highest recommendation, 100 out of 5  Moby’s.


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