Aug 112015

pixlogoForgive me for I have sinned…I went and paid money to see Pixels. And you know, it was not quite as bad as I was expecting.

Now to be fair, I was expecting to see a steaming pile of dog excrement, so the bar was a bit lower than normal. Let’s be honest, the reviews were brutal. But the plot was actually coherant and the movie was professionally made. The CGI worked well enough, the casting was good for the tone they were going for and all that. Disagree? Well, that’s easy enough when the plot is ridiculous. A movie this silly allows for a lot of leeway in casting.

Sure, Kevin James as the President of the US was a stretch, but so what.  I just kept telling myself he was elected by that party that will elect anyone and it just worked.



Again, the movie uses the ‘just happens to’ trick make things work. Sandler ‘just happens to’ be installing the TV for the girl who is also called to the White House. Out of all the people on the planet, the aliens ‘just happen to’ take that girl’s kid as a trophy. Out of all the people on the planet….the whole planet…Why does EVERY movie seem to use this trick? I know I bring it up in practically every movie review, but that’s because they keep using it. Because the writing in movies today sucks almost as much as the writing on this blog…and I’m not even trying folks.

But, at least now I understand why they had the four ‘ghosts’ ready to fight Pac-Man. Seriously, the movie is not so bad, it’s fucking rediculous, but not so bad. Still, it’s a miracle it got made.

Moby Rating…Two Moby’s!

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