Jul 102017

And according to him, that’s a bad thing.

His name is Aravind Menon, and he’s fucking retarded. All I was looking to do was buy a few scripts for some comic books on Facebook, and this guy thinks he can demand, yes…demand, that I ‘publicly declare my intentions for using the scripts’.

So I have decided to accommodate this snowflake, and here it goes:











You see, Aravind is not a big fan of work-for-hire from what I can gather, and I understand that. I agree that it is not really fair, but it does make ownership and usage of the IP much simpler. Señor Dipshit though thinks that in order for things to be fair that a writer should have some deal where they also make money when their work is produced and used in a product, like royalties or such. Because if not it is not fair and he can then harass you and make demands. Because he is so, so right. Got it?

Well, the funny thing I agree with his premise, but he lost me at the demand. He can ask, I can agree, and everyone can be happy. But he lost me at the demand mostly because he’s naive and juvenile and does not understand that the world is not always fair. So here it is, Mr. A, a little lesson for you:

I can offer, or someone may ask, but nowhere is it written that things MUST BE the way you think they MUST BE. If a writer wants some deal to protect their interests, I am open to making such deals, I already have with more than one of my writers.

But you do not, do not come and dictate to me how I do my business. And by the way, yes I deleted the posts, so you win. You won!


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