Mar 232017

I’ve not written about it on this blog yet, but Moby is making a comic book called Dr. Fizz

Now, I am not writing the script or doing the art…or the colors…but I do get to pay for it. Yay! Seriously though, we have the first four pages done and things are moving ahead.

Dr. Fizz Page One Progression From Pencils to Inks to Colors. Art by Rick Alves, Colors by Rodrigo Charles

The concept for the story was originally thought up as an idea for an Adam Sandler movie. I was sitting there next to my co-worker, Random Stranger, and we were talking about how Mr. Sandler has been having a run of duds lately at the box office. “So what would you have him do?” asked Random.

“I would make Harve the Barbarian with Rob Schneider in the lead,” I said. “Or, something to do with superheroes, they are big now and ripe for a good comic treatment.” So, long story short, out came an idea for a story where our hero really is common as dirt and named after a can of discount soda pop, and no one is trying to save the world, just a block or two in Des Moines, Iowa or something.

It’s a very exciting story with romance, comedy, and action. It’s very exciting.

Dave’s industrial loft apartment. Note the great perspective work by artist Rick Alves.

The setting has been moved to ‘Grand City’, thanks to writer/scripter Rob Stanley. He’s really adding a lot of little touches to the script, helping to flesh out the world of Dave Fitzsimmons, aka Dr. Fizz. 

The concept is that superheroes exist, and they are also kinda common. Not all of them are legit super powered persons, some are like SuperDad, a nice mortal man who uses a towel as a cape and helps old ladies cross the street. Others are like Bully Nova, sporting a jet pack and bring criminals to justice with flair and style.

Dave and Mercy

Well, our friend Dave has a thing for his coworker Mercedes, aka Mercy, but she will only date superheros. So with the help of his roommate, Dave decides to ‘save’ mercy from a mugging. What could go wrong?

There’s much more to the story, but I don’t want to give away wall the twists and turns. The team on this thing is really working out so far, we should start seeing pages continue to roll in over time. And yes, there is an issue #2 planned. More Fizz! 

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