May 282016

I’d like to follow up yesterday’s post about Trek fan film guidelines by pointing out a little something that seems to be getting lost in the shuffle. About those guidelines…

Since when have they been necessary?  Many productions have asked for some, thinking they might step over a line, and that is understandable. But was there any other problem with the way things were, other than not knowing, for certain, where ‘the line’ was?

Those standing with Axanar are buying into this narrative that Trek fan film guidelines will make things better than they were, and therefore are necessary.

No. Nope. They are not necessary, and they could not possibly make things better because


And, they were perfect without officially sanctioned written guidelines.

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May 272016

hypnotoad2Oklahoma City based Starbase Studios’ Scott Johnson made it very clear today that neither he, nor others affiliated with the studio, are in any way backing Alec Peters and his recently released Fan Film Guidelines.

In a post on the Starbase Studios Facebook page and in a short talk with this site personally, Mr. Johnson has made it very clear that the appearance of fan film unity on the matter is a mere facade, another embellishment by Mr. Peters to advance his ‘negotiating position’.

Mr. Johnson said he was added to the secret Facebook group and he looked through the proposed guidelines, without adding any comments. “Then I went to watch the (NBA) Thunder game on TV and I went to bed. I woke up this morning to a phone call telling me I was some sort of big time producer. One site is reporting that I am the producer of several films and it is being repeated all over the place. I’m not a producer, I’m a volunteer.”

Achieving Unity, The Hard Way

Clearly the guidelines were intended to show a unity among filmmakers, and perhaps unity has been achieved. Not the unity Peters envisioned though. “We are all in agreeance so long as one of us is not in the group.” said Johnson via telephone. “We are now all against Peters. None of us, as far as I am aware, want to be affiliated with the guy. He’s like the black plague. Everything gets blasted out online and no one is happy.” Continue reading »

Apr 262016

Update!: A $15 tier (Limited to the first 25 sets) that includes the physical and digital copies, including shipping has been added to this Kickstarter. Much better deal.

If you feel like paying donating about a buck twenty a page (including shipping within the USA) for a Kickstarter comic book, check out ‘Midnight Persons’.

A comic about a group of individuals who decide to become more than human to help mankind ascend a world depleted of it’s resources.”

20 pages, $25. Includes shipping within the USA, but


FOR $25.


For $25, they don’t even throw in the digital copy for you to enjoy while waiting for the book to arrive at your doorstep. That is the $30 tier, or you can go digital alone for a mere $10. 

Best of luck guys.


Apr 232016

BIALogo2I wrote about Boxes in Action a while back, but once again they have outdone themselves. I’ve been very happy to recommend them to anyone; their boxes are much nicer than plain old white comic boxes and are perfect for any geeks collection of…well, anything really. They are perfect for more than just comics.

Well, I felt I needed to write about them once more after learning of their newest licensing deal…Officially Licensed Jay and Silent Bob comic book boxes! I know, sweet, eh?


They cost a bit, but includes very careful shipping to prevent damage to the product in route (see my previous review [HERE] for more info) and there are a few different designs for sale or pre-order.

The quality of the boxes and the customer service  is top-notch, I cannot recommend these boxes enough either for yourself or as a gift. Here’s a video from YouTube that shows the quality.

You can order them direct from Boxes in Action via their Store on Facebook.