Aug 162016


It’s always nice to see someone who has been featured here on Moby’s! move onto a new project, and that is the case with artist David Jaxon. About a year ago I posted a couple of commission pieces by David, including one of Silverwolf’s Edge, a piece that came out really well.

And now we can see more of David’s work in his new Kickstarter! Yay, Moby promoting a Kickstarter, how aboot that? Seriously though, it is nice to see someone taking it to the next level and making their own book, like Super Legion. Continue reading »

Aug 112016

You never know what you are going to find when you check out the comic books currently fundraising on Kickstarter. The books come in all kinds of flavors, from graphic novels to generic superheroes to…an homage to Reefer Madness.


reefermadnessFor those too hip being square, Reefer Madness was a 1936 anti-marijuana propaganda film made to convince the public that smoking ‘reefer’ would inevitably lead to “manslaughter, suicide, attempted rape, hallucinations, and descent into madness due to marijuana addiction”. Oh my!

Thankfully someone, Jeremy Myers, has taken it upon himself to use this 80 year-old Public Service Announcement disguised as a film to make a comic book, and it looks fun. Continue reading »

Aug 082016

MDS00004Sometimes ‘The Glut’ just makes it too easy, or maybe I’ve just been doing it all wrong.

I thought you had to go online, do some research into what companies published what and when and order some books. But, I was wrong.

You see, I’ve just discovered that all you have to do is buy the worst comics still in the discount bin at someplace going out of business…and odds are those books come from, give or take, 1986.  So much easier, and no shipping.

Today’s comic book is ‘Project Hero #1‘, published August 1987 by Vanguard Graphics. Back in ’87, this full-color comic book would have set you back a whole $1.50. It can be found for considerably less today. I think I paid 18¢ for mine.

LogoIt seems like Vanguard is a popular name to publish under judging by how others occasionally use the same name too. From what I can tell, Vanguard published a whole 3 comics back in ’87 or so: the one issue of Project Hero and another two whole issues of The Privateers.

They were based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and their imprint was a stylized letter ‘V’ with the left half of a maple leaf attached. I have no clue why they used a maple leaf. Continue reading »

Jul 212016

13607790_10157202348845602_2060425145_nI do a fair number of posts promoting Kickstarters that catch my eye. Usually it’s about looking for value and quality among the many offerings. I can easily say the artwork for Grinidon caught my eye. It turned my head. It was magnificent. Get the picture?

I had no idea if it was digital or hand-done, and frankly for the first time in forever I did not care, it was…magnificent. And, I was lucky because the Kickstarter was a value too. I bought two copies.

I reached out to artist Erwin J. Arroza for an interview, and thankfully he was most gracious in accepting the invitation. Erwin shared a great amount of his work on various projects, with permission from the various owners. You can click on any image to view a larger version. 

I cannot thank Mr. Arroza enough for this interview. The honor, sir, is entirely my own.

Moby’s! – You’ve been working on this book for a while, how does it feel to have finished the artwork for it?

13595872_10157202348675602_1184361718_nErwin – Finishing Grinidon is somewhat a bitter sweet experience. I just wrapped up all the artwork last week and I’m already missing the late nights and the early morning work. Grinidon has been such a positive experience for me as an artist who has been striving to break through the industry. Jeremy has been an inspiration and a huge blessing. It has been a privilege being part of such a wonderful vision.

The artwork for Grinidon is stunning. Is this your usual style and how did you develop it?

I’m still new at this. I still think that I’m in the process of finding that right kind of ‘style’. However, there is something organic about rough pencils and grey tints that goes together with the sepia look. Grinidon is raw and I personally believe it’s one of its strong points….I thought the look should complement it.

13607730_10157202348650602_1804243553_nThe look certainly does go well with the genre. Will you continue to develop this style on more projects in the future?

I guess it just depends on the project or genre.

How challenging is creating the look for the book you are working on?

I think one of the best and most challenging parts of production, developing the whole look for the book. At this point I’m still very much flexible in terms of style. I have only started doing comic book illustrations fulltime recently. Most of the other projects are either been shelved or have not been released yet. Continue reading »