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Legendary Batman Artist

‘Norm Breyfogle’ Stroke Fund

PLEASE Fans, Family and Friends, let’s pull together now to help Norm after all he has done for all of us in the many ways he has touched our lives. SPREAD THE WORD!

All it takes is just a $1 Donation from 200,000 of his fans, friends and family to pull him through! I am sure he may need much more to cover all the expenses…but this is a start!

You can also help out by sending a letter or card to Norm at:

Norm Breyfogle
C/O HCMF Room #321
1100 W. Quincy St.
Hancock, MI. 49930

And Now…Beer!

Silverwolf Comics

Deleted From Wikipedia!


Coming Soon

Star Trek: Anthology

The wait is over!!!!



Moby’s! First Look at

Dragon Phoenix Media’s

Free Zero Issue of The Frontiersmen/Pathways!

Star Wars VII Official Teaser!

Star Trek: The Four Years War



Interview With Lawrence Block!

Interview with Carey DeVuono,

Creator of Hollywood Mogul!!!


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